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That sounds delicious . I am going to try that tomorrow . Can anybody tell me if chicken is ok to include in my diet

I was diagnosed last month and I kind of lost.

I am going to choose a treatment on the 24 of sept. , even with that I'm lost.
Hi :-)
Animal meat is not to be included.
This is a plant based diet with some fish.
In the resources area there is a bit on what to eat and what not to eat.
I follow a plant-based diet

B - oatmeal with flax, raisins, ground up apple and almond milk

S - toast with marmite (you guys have taught me this one - even though I am in Canada)

L - field roast sausage in a bun with lots of condiments to disguise the fact that is field roast along with a cabbage salad.

S - fruit

D - whole wheat pasta with lots of veggies stuck in the sauce.

S - banana ice cream made in my champion juicer with blackberry sauce on top.
B- oatmeal with fruit
S - fruit
L - wheatberry salad and black bean fritters with a bit of salsa and avocado on top
S - toast and jam
D - pasta sauce with all kinds of veggies and Yves tenders
S - popcorn and more fruit
Today's lunch - perfectly OMS friendly gluten-free Pizza

200 g universal gluten-free flour
100 g oat flour (blended whole grain oats)
10 g fresh yeast
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
200 ml warm water

1 canned tuna in own juice
1 small onion
tomato purée
ketchup (be sure it doesn't contain any hidden fats)
Diagnosis and treatment 5/5/2014 - 15/5/2014
OMS started 15/5/2014
Looks good, I might try it. But regarding it being gluten free - are oats GF?? I keep reading different things every time I look it up.
Today I had:

B: Quickoats w almond milk, sliced banana & a drizzle of maple syrup

L: Salad of quinoa, roast pumpkin & mushroom (both oven roasted with only a light spray of eevo), celery, spinach and a can of pink salmon w flax oil & balsamic vinegar

D: Big plate of spinach, zucchini & onion water fried with piece of steamed white fish, lemon juice & drizzle of flax oil. Finished with a small bowl of mango sorbet and cup of earl grey tea.

Snacks: carrot w homemade hummus (yum!), prunes, dates, apple, lite cracker with natural peanut butter

(Daily I have 2-3 triple strength fish oil capsules, a Berocca & 5000 -10000 iu Vitamin D)

If anyone can see anything wrong with today's diet please advise as I'm still working it out! :D
Breakfast- strawberry, pineapple & mango smoothie
Lunch- vegetable soup (just popped everything in the slow cooker in the morning)
Tea- jacket potato with tuna & sweet corn

Snacks- fruit, rice cakes with avocado, tomato & salmon..Mmmmmmm

Lots of water

Its my 1st proper day on the plan, got a bit of a headache but feel awake, which is a good start!.
Shopping for goodies tomorrow
Breakfast - porridge with blueberries and honey and soya milk. Rooibosh tea with honey and soya milk.

Lunch homemade lentil and veg soup with homemade bread, flax oil and marmite. rocket, avocado, tomato salad with flaxseed oil dressing (flaxseed oil, pepper, balsamic vinegar)

Dinner baked cod, wholegrain mustard mash and steamed broccoli, leeks and carrots. All drizzled with flax oil.

Snacks banana, Raisins, homemade/copy nakd bar (dates, raisins, cashews, cocoa powder, splash almond extract in food processor until shapeable into bars) ,apple, handful olives, pitta bread with marmite.

I eat A LOT!! And I'm still losing weight. Crikey!!
I haven't done one of these for a while;

B; vegan homemade date and walnut bread (1 slice), cup of English decaf tea with splash of almond milk,

L; Baked beans, 2 small eggs scrambled, potato cake.

D; large baked potato, hummous, grated carrot, olives, beetroot and 1/2 can of tuna in water.

Snacks; 3 satsumas. additional slice of date & walnut bread, orange juice with flax oil, several cups of decaf tea with a splash of almond milk, lots of water.

supplements; 2x 5000IU Vitamins D3, digestive enzymes and probiotics.
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