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For breakfast I had 1cup of organic quinoa flakes made as a porridge with water, adding 1tbls pure cinnamon, and 1/4 cup of natural sultanas (no oil). After cooking this I add sliced banana and 15mls of melrose flaxeed oil.

And 2 cups of organic olive leaf green tea (from the tea centre).
With my fish oil, vit B12 and D3 and glucosamine.

For lunch I made a salad that included organic celery plus the celery leaves, organic mixed lettuce, kale, onion, chopped parsley, orange pieces, almond flakes, chopped prunes (no preservative) and one portion of fresh grilled wild atlantic salmon broken apart and spread over the top with about 20 mls of flaxeed oil as the dressing.
And water and organic green tea.

I made so much salad at lunch, and it was so nice I had the leftover with a few sultanas added for dinner.
Plus ice water with a1/4 lemon squeezed and plonked in.
And another organic olive leaf green tea.

Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
Day 2

Not had any Flaxseed oil yet, will buy some when I next pop into town

B/l HM bread toasted with poached egg whites, and a tin of beans

D quorn mince- checked no dairy made into a chilli, toms,onions,garlic,peppers,kidney beans,sweet corn,chilli with cous cous

Snacks satsumas and an apple, diary/fat free tea loaf
Tea with soya milk and herbal teas

I am taking Vit D3 5000iu and an omega 3 supplement

Is there anything else I should be doing diet wise?

I am hoping that I will lose weight as I have put on 3 st/ 20 kg over last 6-9 months, partley due to being less mobile, and also sat on my bum eating chocolate and biscuits!
can I suggest that when you get your flaxseed oil, put it on your bread under your beens and eggs it will hide the flavour :D
You need to test your VitD levels before you know if the amount of 5000IU is enough, you could be deficient and need a megadose. Have you tested?

How much much Omega3 your are taking per day?

I lost 12kg in first few months just from dietry changes alone, I have battled weight all my life. What a great side effect!
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Ditto about the weight. I lost 12kg too, without trying. Have lost more in the last few months but needed to increase my exercise a bit to get the weight loss happening again.


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
Have had my Vit D tested and it was 75 I think, not sure what strength my Omega 3 is. What's best to take? I am in the Uk
I buy my fish oil from amazon - mine is Natural Factors Rxomega-3 Factors liquid and I take two teaspoons a day.

so today;

B - nothing, no appetite

L - tuna and pickle on wholemeal bread, with tomato and salad spinach

afternoon snack - homemade green smoothie (kale, spinnach, pineapple, berries)

D - homemade tomato sauce with chilli, spaghetti, green breans and pan fried (no oil, just water) mushroom

Snacks - tea with oatly, orange juice with flax oil, green apple
Breakfast - nothing

Lunch - porridge with apples, sultanas and honey

Afternoon - pitta 'crisps' with homemade hummous and pepper sticks

Dinner - 'fish pie' (dairy free) with peas and sweetcorn

Snacks - orange juice with flax oil, cups of tea with oatly, 1 slice toast with nut butter and jam
I have been busy the last few days but have stuck with it

B: 2 weetbix with soaked dried cranberries and a cup of earl grey tea, both with soy milk. 1 nectarine and a banana.

L: Sushi vegetable roll brought whilst out (double checked no hidden mayo or anything before purchase), orange juice.

D: red quinoa with lightly fried (in water) mushrooms, shallots, carrot, zucchini, red capsicum, Spanish onion, garlic and green chilli. Passion fruit sorbet.

Snacks: earl grey tea x1. 2L of water and probably 1L of OJ (bottled) as I was helping a friend outside in the very hot sun needed the pick up to keep going, I normally don't drink much juice.

On a side note - this was the first time I have ever cooked or tasted quinoa and am not sure I cooked it enough (although it was nice enough). Is it meant to be slightly firm but definitely not crunchy or is it meant to be soft like a rice? Mine was the slightly firm version.
Dana - I've haven't tried quinoa yet, hopefully someone else can shed some light.

Breakfast - porridge with apple, sultanas, honey and 'milk'

Lunch - 2 'salsa' filled wraps (grated carrot, chopped peppers, mix with salsa), homemade tamari sunflower seeds

Dinner - curried rice with prawns, peas and sweetcorn

snacks - 3 crumpets with flax oil and jam, grapes and satsuma. Water and cups of tea with 'milk'
Thanks for that Chelle.

Breakfast: lemon juice in warm water on waking. 2 weetbix and a cup of earl grey tea both with soy milk. 2 Passionfruit.

Mid Morning: 3 rice cakes with hummus and a cup of green tea with lemongrass.

Lunch: Left overs from last night (red quinoa and vegetables) and 1 nectarine and a handful of green grapes.

Snack: Slice of wholemeal flat bread with hummus.

Dinner: Butter bean & tomato salad very nice! (recipe here http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1977/butter-bean-and-tomato-salad ) I used shallots instead of Spanish onion and added a handful of fresh peas. Passionfruit sorbet.

Earl grey tea. 1.5L of water.
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