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Breakfast - flax meal and oat porridge, with apple, sultanas and maple syrup. Cup of tea.

Lunch - tinned tuna with sweetcorn on two slices of wholemeal bread.

Dinner - garlic and ginger basmati rice with small tuna steak and mixed veg.
Pudding - huge bowl of frozen berries, yogurt, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup.

Snacks - more frozen fruit, orange juice with flax oil. Water and two cups of tea.
B: lemon and hot water. weetbix with soy. Cup of earl grey tea. 2 Passionfruit.

L: avocado and rocket sandwhich, fruit salad ( red grapes, Passionfruit and nectarines). Green tea.

D: I made this lentil salad for dinner http://mynewroots.org/site/2010/06/the-best-lentil-salad-ever-2/ it was very good, a little unusual but nice, however if you try this out halve the recipe as it makes way too much. I will be eating this forever.
Cup of earl grey and 5 ( :roll: ) Passionfruit.

Snacks: 3 rice cakes with hummus. 2 x earl grey. 1.5L water

Also very excited my "Eat Well, Be Well" recipe book arrived today, and I brought a food processor!
Very hungry day today :lol: :lol:

Dana - I took your tip of hummous and rice crackers.... oh my gosh how amazing!!!

Breakfast - large bowl of flax meal and oat porridge, with banana, sultanas and maple syrup. Cup of tea with oatly.

Lunch - 5 rice crackers :oops: with hummous and tomatoes. 1 homemade fruit lemon muffin.

Dinner -spicy quorn (dairy free) spag bol with wholemeal pasta and green beans. Followed by partially defrosted blueberries, raspberries and topped with yogurt, pumpkin seeds and a touch of maple syrup.

supper - 3 rice crackers with hummous, 1 fruit lemon muffin. Water and a couple cups of tea.
Oh, I love that lentil salad, too, Dana. It's an excellent recipe!


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Chelle, I am glad you liked the rice cakes and hummus, now just try and stop! I was jealous of your jelly the other day! I will try and make some this weekend.

Sue, I love that blog. The lentil salad was great but I can't wait to try the raw brownie.

B: lemon water on waking. 2 weetbix with soy. Earl grey tea. 2 Passionfruit.

L: Left over lentil salad. Fruit salad (nectarine, Passionfruit and red grapes). Green tea with lemongrass.

D: pasta with rocket pesto (recipe from the Gawler cookbook).

Snacks: 3 rice cakes with homemade hazelnut butter (probably wont try again). Banana. Soy latte. Green tea with lemongrass.
4 Passionfruit.
In the morning I had a egg white Omelette with Carrots kale and shrimp.

Not really a lunch person so just picked at stuff lol.

Diner a huge salad ! With good baked fish and learned to make my own Croutons and dressing also Vegetarian cheese!!!! So happy about that one lol it's all soy read and Research it all and what was in it and it works yippee!!

Then Dessert I made brownies. Turns out u can use any Recipe just Tweet the Ingredients u can change the flour use honey Instead of Sugar for my wet Ingredients a can of Pumpkin purée works just fine and they come out great Moist chewie delicious. I'm a happy girl lol.
breakers: rice cereal with frozen blueberries
lunch: corn pasta with 'seafood medley' (gotta have my cuttlefish and squid)
dinner: broiled saury with rice, spinach, carrots.
Dana - the jelly is so easy, just use agar agar flakes - I also add fruit.

Yesterdays menu

breakfast - two slices of granary bread, with flax oil and fruit spread

lunch - 5 rice crackers with hummous and tomatoes.

Dinner - garlic and ginger wholemeal basmati rice, with peas, prawns and topped with a sliced 1 egg omlette

Snacks - 1 homemade flax muffin, satsumas and an apple, lots of water and a couple cups of tea.
Todays menu

Breakfast - flax meal and oat porridge, with apples, sultanas and maple syrup.

Lunch - 4 rice crackers with hummous, sliced tomatoes and large handful of grapes. Tin of mackrel in brine

Dinner - moroccan spiced couscous with chickpeas, onions, yellow peppers and lightly toasted (no oil) pumpkin seeds. Followed by a bowl pf partially defrosted strawberries and raspberries.

Snacks - 1 slice of granary bread with flax oil, jam and a banana. 4 small nectarines,
It has been a few days since my last post but am still going strong.

B: lemon and water on waking. 2 weetbix with soy, cup of earl grey tea, nectarine.

L: Spelt bread sandwich with avocado, tomato, cos lettuce, mustard and a dash of flaxseed oil. Fruit salad (red and green grapes and nectarine).

D: Homemade falafel http://mynewroots.org/site/2009/05/sweet-sweet-potato-falafels-2/ served on wholemeal flatbread with tomato, avo, mixed lettuce and the tahini sauce.

Snacks: 3 rice cakes with hummus. Pineapple and lime sorbet. 2L water. 3 cups of earl grey tea, 1 cup green tea.
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