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Hi there,

I have searched the forum but can't seem to find an answer to this so any advice would be appreciated:

I have just had my new Panasonic breadmaker delivered and have been looking to start with a basic wholemeal recipe. To make it even more OMS friendly I would like to substitute the sugar for honey and omit the butter. I know I can use EVOO as a butter substitute but can I just leave it out altogether? Do I need to put more water in instead? Here is the recipe:

500g strong wholemeal flour
1 1/2 tsp sugar
25g butter
1 1/4 tsp salt
370 ml water
1tsp yeast

I am excited about firing up the beast as I am sick of fat free pitta and chapatis all the time and miss proper bread. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Matt,

I've been making bread without oil just a bit more water so the dough is wet enough to make nice bread.

I've also been buying wrights bread mixes which a far as I can see contain no oil or dodgy ingredients.

Some people say to avoid bread mixes but this one has nothing dodgy that I can see and only requires water and kneading (it's a multigrain loaf) and it's really delicious.

I don't know whether you are in the uk but if you are it's available in most supermarkets

Hope this helps

There is a member who makes an oil free bread machine bread I think there might be a recipe on here, I can't recall their name
I just leave out the butter/oil, and do add a little extra water. I don't notice it - nor does the rest of my family. Good luck with it!
Thanks everyone, breadmaker is whirring away right now!
A TBSP of EVOO in this recipe will substitute for the butter.
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Agave nectar is even better than honey due to its low GI profile.

Looking forward to hearing how the bread turn out :)
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Hi, can someone advise me what sort of yeast to use in a breadmaker, and how it should be used? The manual that came with the machine recommends active yeast for bread makers but the ones I've found all have canola oil in them?
I use Olive Oil in all my bread, and the yeast I use is Fleischmann's ActiveDry yeast, I'm in the USA, I'm not sure what's available in NZ.

I make my bread with a counter mixer, proofing box, and an ancient electric oven.
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I just buy the own-brand dried yeast from the supermarket. It doesn't contain any oil at all.

What I want to do soon is create my own yeast. Doesn't sound too hard:
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