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Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for places to eat in Dublin/Kilarney/Cork/Waterford. Planning a trip in the next few weeks and I'm not too familiar with these places/cuisines.

very jealous I went to Dublin last year loved it ,I found it an amazing place to go and they could not have been more helpful with food prep they had fantastic places to eat with coffee shops doing really health options and superfood salads. I would go back tomorrow I went to visit a small coastal town called Dalkey it was a short train ride from Dublin well worth a visit they have the most amazing restaurants and health food shops. Enjoy your visit and have enjoy the Gunnies its full of iron : }
Hi Rafticon,

Delighted to hear you will be visiting Ireland shortly. I live in Cork and can recommend
Quay Co-Op , 24 Sullivan's Quay, (Located close to the Cork City Library just across the little foot bridge) it is a vegetarian restaurant but they have vegan too. When I returned from the Irish retreat one of the other attendees came to Cork to visit and we went there for lunch, They were very eager to accommodate us. We gave them our OMS card which Nicola Corbett had made up for us, listing what we can eat ( with permission from OMS UK) so we handed in our card and they said it was very helpful and suggested some delicious vegan dishes. They asked to keep the card for future OMS visitors!!!!!

Another lovely restaurant in Cork is Market Lane, Oliver Plunkett Street, while it is a lovely restaurant, not strictly vegan, they made up a delicious butternut squash vegan salad for me.

Another one is Café Paradiso, Lancaster Quay, Cork opposite the River Lee Hotel, a vegetarian restaurant and they do vegan too.

If you need any advice on places to see or things to do feel free to send me a PM,

We have been having brilliant weather this week, lots of sun so out everyday. Much better than the last three months of summer. You will really enjoy your holiday here.

There is a fab restaurant called "The Happy Pear" in Greystones, Co. Wicklow a train ride from Dublin City Centre. I have it on my wish list and hope to visit soon. A three and a half hour journey for me but will be well worth it.

All the best,
Thank you both so much for your replies. It's great to know I'll have options, Quay co-op sounds great. I haven't traveled much since starting the diet so don't really know what to expect. Up the wall this week packing and moving house so I'm very much looking forward to getting away. :D
Hi Rafticon,

Hope I'm not too late in replying.

Please check any Mao restaurant. They have eight restaurants around Dublin and you won't go wrong.


If heading further north an interesting stop would be Shells at Strandhill, Sligo, Co. Sligo.

Shells Sea Side Bakery Cafe - Facebook

Ooops, sorry....and the mother of all stops has to be The Kitchen in Galway. Right beside the Spanish Arch. PLEASE GO....

The Kitchen - Facebook

Best regards,

Thanks Darryn,

Mao looks great unfortunately we had left Dublin by the time I saw your message but it'll be one for next time. Back from Ireland yesterday people were so willing to accommodate my dietary requirements, it was great. The places we ate are listed below

Dublin- Cornucopia
Killarney-Gaby's seafood restaurant (very helpful and delicious we went two nights in a row)
Cork- Quay co-op, Liberty grill, Orso, Sakura
Waterford- Momo

Thanks again for all the suggestions
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