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In the OMS cookbook it says it is best to avoid soy protein isolate:

"Today there are many vegan options for replacing not just plain chicken or beef, but also salami and bologna. Many products are on the low end of saturated fat. However, Professor Jelinek suggests staying away from these as they are highly processed and are often made with soy protein isolate, which is the waste end of soy. Healthier options are tofu, tempeh or seitan (....)."

But what about soy concentrate and soy flour? Should we avoid these as well?

This for example is what I find on internet:

"Processed soy protein appears in foods mainly in three forms: soy flour, soy protein isolates, and soy protein concentrates."

"Both soy protein concentrates and soy protein isolates are highly-refined and processed forms of the soy bean" http://www.ehow.com/facts_5836024_soy-v ... olate.html
Hi Dutch girl

Here's the thing I feel. I do not eat dairy, meat or saturated fat. I take vitamin d and other supplements. Both professionally and personally I know that concentrating on things other than this uses energy that I need. It only leads to stress and to worry..
From reading your posts I feel you are following the programme and doing your best. That is all we can do. I have a tendency to concentrate on the points you have mentioned but I give myself the talk that I would professionally. We are doing our best and having given up so many things if we concentrance on is the stuff that is left right or wrong? There could be an argument on most things. I choose not to waste my energy worrying about this. I hope this helps in some way. Being kind to ourselves will help from the inside out!

Thank you for your kind words Valley. It doesn't really answer my question though ;)

If it is best to avoid soy isolate as well as soy protein concentrate and soy flour for the benefit of my health, I will and that's why I ask.

To me it doesn't feel like I have given up so many things, since OMS has given back part of my life and will hopefully keep me well for the rest of my life. And to me OMS is more than avoiding meat, dairy and saturated fat, it is about whole food, whole life.

So it is important for me to know whether some things should best be avoided or not. That gives me peace of mind rather than stress.
Hi Dutch girl

I feel it is important for me to clear a few things up, otherwise I would not feel the need to respond to your last message. I do not feel oms is about giving up dairy,meat and saturated fat. I merely used these as an example of how committed I am to the programme. There fore if I occasionally have a tablespoon of soya milk in my tea or coffee when I do not feel like having them black I do not cane myself over it. That is the point I am trying to make that I do not beat up on myself when I am sticking to the programme. When it would be easier to have a 'normal tea or coffee' but easier is relative. I am completely committed to the programme, as I believe in it and so far have had a good response to it. I care about my health and it is because of this I practice self care and advocate it for others as I would to a client. I firmly believe that care for ourselves shines from the inside out.

Hi Valley, we can have soy milk on OMS, so I don't get your point about you mentioning having an occasional spoon of soy milk in your tea? Maybe you misunderstood my question? Also I am not sure what you want to clear up and you say that being kind to ourselves shines from the inside out, I do not see the relevance here with my question?

Maybe it is a language difference, that I do not understand what you are trying to say. I don't mean this in a unfriendly way at all, I simply do not get what you are trying to say (or see the relevance). So sorry!

Just to be sure: my question is not about soy in general (or soy milk for that matter). My question is specifically about whether we can eat these forms of soy: soy protein concentrate and soy flour.

Jelinek says it is best to avoid soy isolates since they are highly processed, so I am wondering whether the same goes for these 2 specific soy products.

So I hope to get an answer to that :)
The soy beans in mention are chemically engineered in order to make it easier to isolate the protein meaning that they lack a lot of soy beans original nutrient benefits. Moreover, chemicals are used in the isolating process, leaving residues of aluminum and hexane in the product.
While soy protein isolate probably doesn't precent any specielt problems to people with MS, the are best left out in the favour for the hole bean.
I think of it as whole grains V white flour, and then there are the chemical residues to be concerned about as well.

Hope that gives some meaning

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