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Hello everyone,
I'm really glad to be finally making this post as I have observed every topic and thread on here silently without taking part in all your wonderful conversations. First of all, I'd like to say that you all inspire me to keep on believing in the diet and the lifestyle and I'm very very grateful to have found this place! I hope none of you mind that this is going to be a longer post but I've been wanting to share this with all of you for a long time.

I was diagnosed with MS in November 2016 but unfortunately it took me a long time to find and incorporate the OMS approach. I found George's book in February 2017 and started making tiny OMS steps to my recovery but unfortunately I was reluctant to avoid many non-OMS dishes and therefore it took me a longer time to incorporate the diet and lifestyle but I have been 100% OMS since July/August 2017.
My MS hasn't been particularly aggressive so far as I have compared my situation with some of the other poster's situations. I started out with lots of headaches, dizziness throughout the whole day, a lot of fatique, weak muscles and severe depression. I've been experiencing some bladder problems from time to time though not so serious. The worst thing that has happened to me so far was a mini-relapse at the end of August, which affected my right leg for about two to three weeks. I was able to walk perfectly but the nerve pain was severe and I hardly went throughout the day without feeling sad or depressed. This led me to realize that I have not been following the approach at a 100%, therefore I decided I was putting it off for too long. Since the beginnning of September I have been feeling better, my leg doesn't hurt so much and I can feel it getting better each day. My other symptoms from before (headache, dizziness) have almost completely disappeared.
As for medications, my neurologist prescribed Teriflunomid and I took it for 2 months but I had been feeling very stressed all throughout because of the possible side effects and liver damage and decided to stop taking it and devote myself to OMS right now. I hope I've made the right decision but in terms of stress, I have been feeling very well ever since I stopped it.
As for OMS, my Vitamin D levels are going up and have almost reached 150 nmol, I've been doing calisthenics and swimming since April and have been exercising 5-6 days a week, I've been meditating regularly(about 4-5 times a week) and have been feeling very relaxed because of that. As for diet, I'm doing all I can. Fresh fish, lots of legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits and veggies, have been avoiding eating out and my friends understand this well. Flax oil intake is around 30-40 ml a day.
I've been scratching my head about a lot of things though and if they are OMS compliant? These are my following questions:
[list=] I've been consuming oat milk and rice milk but the brand I buy has some sunflower oil in it but only 0,1 saturated fat per 100 ml. Is this a problem? [/list]
[list=] Canned food has been one of my regulars in the fridge but I heard there's a lot of salt in there. Could this be a problem for the salt intake of people with MS? [/list]
[list=] I eat sushi about 1 or 2 times a week because it's the only fast food I can consume. Is sushi OMS compliant or is it a problem? I think that it's a great source of protein, omega 3s and calories and have been incorporating it into my diet. [/list]
[list=] What are some other things that you would recommend for eating out? I would love to go out with my friends and share a pizza for example. but I'm not sure what kind of oils are in it. I live in Austria and most of the people here don't use a lot of EVOO, mostly sunflower oil or corn oil. [/list]
[list=] I've been cooking only in the oven and been making stir frys in a pan, but I would love to grill something. Any tips on how to grill? With olive oil, without olive oil? [/list]
[list=] In general, dou you have any other tips on how to improve myself in terms of the diet, the exercising, supplements? [/list]

I would be very thankful if you could provide some more tips and I hope I will inspire some to believe in the diet and the lifestyle.
Thank you in advance for your anwers and I hope to hear from you!

Hi Nikmil

Welcome to OMS! It sounds like you are doing really well in embracing the diet/exercise/meditation.

Firstly, you say you are almost up to 150nmol/L with the Vit D. The most effective way to get your level up is with a mega dose (a high, one-off dose in one go). Vit D levels fluctuate - our bodies don't store it - so although you might almost be there now, a change in weather or whatever might see it drop.

What sort of canned food are you talking about? Canned veg is generally OK, and things like canned tuna, providing it's in spring water, not oil.

You don't have to avoid eating out - you just have to be aware of good choices, and not being afraid to ask the restaurant to make changes. Cheese-free pizzas are pretty easy, salads (no dressing), fish, veg... I have several regular restaurants I use now, and I know what is possible in each one. Also, most restaurants will be able to provide you with a vegan menu.

As you continue with the diet, you will discover new recipes and methods of cooking. Grilling is generally OK. I grill fish occasionally - no oil. There is a wealth of recipes on the forum and also an OMS cook book.

It sounds like you are doing really well. I have been OMS for 4.5 years, and still have questions, or need to reevaluate my diet from time to time. You cannot learn it all at once - enjoy the journey!

Thank you for your answer, Rachel!
Well, according to my last vitamin D level test I was about 130 nmol/L. What kind of high dosage would you recommend would be useful for me at this level? I don’t think stores here sell tablets with more than 10 000 IU. Should I order something online?
Re: Canned food : I generally buy lots of canned beans, chickpeas, peas, corn and I’ve read on multiple websites that the salt in these canned foods is a bit higher than recommended. I do drain and rinse the beans/chickpeas before using them, as I heard that it lowers the salt in them by half. I know that buying these things raw and not canned is better but I find it easier and faster to cook this way.
Re: Going out : Well, Austria mainly has meat and dairy restaurants and the vegetarian options are almost always deep-fried or pan-fried dishes. But I will try to look for something that would suit my needs and I’m starting to gain confidence to ask the staff to cater to my dietary needs. I do love to go out for sushi or smoothies, though.
Re: Grilled food : I read a couple posts on here that say that grilling fish with olive oil generally destroys the value in EVOO and so I stopped doing that.

How have you been doing during these 4,5 years. Are you on any medications? Thank you for writing and wish you a lovely day!!!

Hi Nick

With regards to Vit D, I am not best placed to prescribe a mega dose. I took around 400,000 iu, but my level was VERY low when I began - 23nmol. You obviously wouldn't need a huge amount to tip you over 150. I aim for a reading of around 200nmol, to ensure that I am within the 'safe' zone.

I get my Vit D online. If you look at Amazon, there will be several 10,000 iu options.

I began OMS from a very bad place after a relapse left me in hospital, pretty much paralysed from the waist down. Almost 5 years on, I still need crutches to walk, but my relapses have become less severe (2, since beginning OMS) and I feel more stable. I live alone and still work full time, go to the gym etc.

I take Copaxone but I see OMS as my main medicine.

Hi there,
just a tip when you feel the urge to break your diet on the program, people seem to justify a "treat", when it is their birthday or another special occasion.
Look at it as not a treat but a punishment, which is what you are doing to yourself.
This mindset has always worked for me and I am over 7 years down the track on OMS and very stable.
Good luck and enjoy your new lifestyle :-)
Thank you for your answers everyone!
I'm glad you're feeling better Rachel and I can only wish you a healthy life and only positive memories!
Thanks for the advice, Rose! I doubt I'll ever have the need to "treat" myself. I look at it the same way as you - a punishment.
This lifestyle has done so much for me already and I'm only just starting so there's no need for me to go off route as it'll inevitably make things worse. I'm glad you are enjoying a healthy and stable life!!

Hello Nikmil, and welcome! It is good to have you with us.

It sounds as if you have made a great start of the programme, and as if you are going about things in exactly the right way. It's really good to hear that some of your symptoms are already becoming less troublesome! As I am sure you know, OMS is not an instant guarantee against MS relapses or progression but it's definitely our best option.

The decision about whether or not to take medication is a tricky one that each and every one of us has to work out for ourselves. You are certainly not alone in deciding to give the pharmaceutical drugs a miss and instead put your trust entirely in diet and lifestyle changes.

As for your specific questions,
- vegan milk sunflower oil / sat fat content: 0.1g per 100ml sounds pretty good to me. It is impossible to avoid saturated fat completely. Even the flaxseed oil that is one of the cornerstones of the OMS programme contains some saturated fat.
- Canned food & salt: your best bet may be to read the labels of everything you buy with care until you identify brands you are happy with? There was a post on mthe Multiple Sclerosis News Today website within the last couple of weeks saying that a new study had shown salt not to be as significant a trigger for MS as it was once thought to be. But even if this were true, there remain lots of good general health reasons to moderate salt intake. When it comes to vegetables, would it be an option for you to buy them frozen instead? If frozen straight after picking, most of the nutritional value is preserved and I have never seen salt added to a bag of frozen sweet corn!
- Sushi: can't really offer any advice, I am afraid. If it's a ready meal that you buy in a shop, again, read the labels?
- Eating out: There have been some really good discussions on the forum about eating out, and members have passed on very useful tips. The forum has recently undergone a major re-organisation and I cannot say say for certain where you will find these threads but it might be worth your while going on a hunt through older forum posts? The one I am thinking of used to be in the 'Diet' forum. I did find one thread that might be of interest:
- Grilling: I have been known to brush a few drops of olive oil over a whole fish before grilling it - and then removing the skin before eating it - but if Rachel is getting away with grilling without using any oil stocks all, you should follow her example!
- Supplements: Unless you eat seaweed regularly (sushi!) the OMS diet will not include many sources of Vitamin B12 so it may be a wise precaution to take a supplement. Some forum members take a Vitamin B12 tablet once a week. My personal choice is to take a daily Vitamin B complex. Most of the B vitamins are water soluble and the body simply flushes out what it does not need. Quite a few forum members also choose to take turmeric. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory and as effective an anti-depressant as Prozac but without the side effects. If you search the forum for 'turmeric' you should find plenty of information.
- Other things you can do: Forum members are very generous in posting about things they come across that may help us. I learnt a lot from checking the forum regularly and also going back through older posts. And from doing my own research. My top three pieces of advice now would be:
1) Get enough sleep
2) Look after your gut microbiome (check forum for 'Microbiome')
3) Aspire to compress your daily meals into 8 hours so you fast for 16 hours ( see my recent post about 'Reversing neurological damage' & check forum for 'fasting' for the reason ).

I wish you all the best,

The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Hello Jette,
Thank you for your answer and your advice! I will take everything into consideration.
I usually buy fresh veggies and cook them from scratch but the legumes I buy mostly come in a can. I‘ve found some cans with low sodium but most of them have around 0,5-0,7 g of salt per 100g and I‘ve heard this is a high amount. I‘m still looking around in stores to find better brands.
I mostly eat sushi in restaurants and not store bought so I assume this means that it‘s fresh and okay for PwMS?
I will try the grilling methods you all offered. So far I think the safest option would be no oil at all or not to consume the skin of the fish but we‘ll see how this works out :D
I forgot to mention that I‘ve been taking a tablet of 1000 mcg B12 daily since about a month and I will check my levels at the end of this month.
I also put turmeric into my smoothies with a bit of black pepper as I‘ve heard it enhances its value.
Are you talking about intermittent fasting? I‘m currently trying to maintain my weight because I‘m too skinny and I don‘t think fasting for 16 hours would be healthy for this reason but I will look at the information provided and think it through.
I usually sleep about 8-9 hours. I hope this is okay

Thanks again! Have a nice day!

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