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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed for MS and Optic Neuritis in the beginning of March 2017. I lost complete vision in left eye. My spinal tap was performed from where it was concluded that I am having MS. I was given 3 shots of solubmedrol and some tablets. Vision recovered 35-40%. No progress after that. My neurologist asked me to take copaxone 40 mg thrice a week which I have been taking since then. I also switched my diet to OMS and took away all the diary and poultry and other stuff which are considered forbidden in OMS diet. I followed the diet religiously for 6 months. However, now I am losing faith as there has been no recovery in vision,. I have been practicing yoga and taking vitamin D tablets (strength: 5000 IU daily). I am very dejected and concerned that my vision has not come back. I have also now slowly changed my diet to normal diet (about 40%) as I have not found any benefits following OMS diet. Anyone with similar experience regarding Optic Neuritis who never got vision back ? Please suggest what I am supposed to do? I am going to neurologist on 31st October and Optho- neurologist once again on 17th Nov to discuss my case again.
Hi, welcome and well done finding OMS so early on in your diagnosis.

You are meant to be on the OMS diet and lifestyle for years before you will feel full benefits.
The amount of vitamin D you are taking is I believe is too much
- I take 10 000 iu a day and adjust if needs be when I get re - tested up to 3 times a year.

(I’ve edited the paragraph above as is missread and thought you put measurement of vit D in iu but it is in mcg - thanks bannrikae for being on to it. :) )

Did you get your level tested - and get the result?

Optic neuritis is upsetting. I have minor blur on a small spot on both eyes.
And for me it’s permanent - but I wasn’t 100% OMS when I got it, and I just hope not to have further issues - although now totally folllow OMS and I’m hoping I won’t ever have another attack.
I’ve had m.s 14 years.
I wish I embraced OMS sooner and hope you can find your way back as it really is our best chance to stay well.

In the near future I’m planning on having HSCT - or if something better comes along soon ( very hopeful of the new breakthrough of an antihistamine being used to repair damage) it’s currently in the human trial stage. I’ll go for that.

I recommend going to an OMS retreat if you can.
The OMS way is explained well.

My first MS symptom was also optic neuritis. I lost all central vision in my right eye and only had peripheral vision for about 9-10 months. I too had solumedrol infusions followed by prednisone tablets and my vision took a really long time to come back. After 4 months, my eye doctor thought that my vision was as good as it was going to get. . . which meant instead of a dark grey area I saw a light grey area. I started having my acupuncturist treat it, and several months later I could see again. About 10 months after the fact my vision returned about 95% of what it was originally. It will fluctuate a bit and be more blurry if I'm tired, or sick, etc, but most days I can even read with my bad eye. I don't know if you have health insurance that covers acupuncture but I would highly recommend it. It really helped me at least.
First Visible Symptom: November 2016; Diagnosis: January 4, 2017; Discovered OMS: January 17, 2017.
Hello everyone,

Thanks for the input. I wanted to clarify that I am taking 5000 IU Vitamin D3 daily. My vitamin D levels are normal. Got it checked in August. But what is upsetting is that the recovery of my vision is very very very slow. As of now I can see only about 60%. from my left eye. People have had vision recovery within 3 months. One of the users did suggest me to go to acupuncturist. I have followed her advise. So far I have had 10 sittings done have 5 more to do.
I am visiting him but he also said one thing that the results are not guaranteed since I have come to him after more than a year of my episode my optic neuritis, there is only so much that he can do. I however choose acupuncture over medications any day. Needless to say, am still taking copaxone shots thrice a week. Just another note, I am following OMS diet but I am now a little agile meaning that as and when needed, I do eat normal food. At home I only use EVOO as cooking medium but outside, its not possible.
What is your actual vitamin d level? Normal from Dr speak can still mean very low for MS.
ms is like a tanker it takes time to slow it down and this unfortunately isn't a quick fix but one to keep working on and giving the body every chance to change and heal. In your tool kit OMS provides diet, exercise, meditation, medication (personal choice) , vitamin d, omega 3 and a positive doing what it takes. Doing positive actions may help you live with where you are and look forward.
Are you exercising and what about meditation?
I second what Veg is saying,
Normal vitamin D levels are not good enough for those with M.S.
We have to be in the high range. Eg 200nmo/L
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