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Hello all

Does anyone know of an OMS friendly cream substitute? I've looked at the dairy free options but they all have additives or oils that are not advised. Just missing a splash of cream on my muesli and in my coffee.

Thank you
There's Oatly, but it's higher fat than their milk substitute (I'm guessing that was the additive comment)

http://www.oatly.com/products/united-ki ... reamy-oat/
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My cream subsitute is cashew cream.

soak cashews in water for 15 minutes
Put cashews in food processor ( after soaking they become softer )
Add a bit of water
And blend.

Sometimes I add some cannelloni beans, salt, flaxseed oil, nutritional yeast, garlic, or lemon juice

I use this cream to make my pasta sauces creamy.
Also I use it as a dressing.

For making creamy soups I use cauliflower or potato.

Another way is buying soy cream ( but as you said they add a lot of stuff to it. )
What an excellent idea Blueberry, I'll try that, thank you. The trouble with brand creams such as Oatley is they contain rapeseed oil, emulsifiers, and other stuff I'm sure we're not meant to have - shame!
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