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My 21 year old daughter has been taking flaxseed oil for about 20 months. She dislikes it, so she takes 4tsp in a shot glass and chases it with juice. Sometimes she feels nauseous after doing this. Is this normal? Should she split it up -- and do 2tsp twice a day? Thank you.
My wife hates it as well. We make a smoothie with just fruit and greens each day with lots of frozen fruit. That makes it thicker and we blend in the flax oil. We try to space it out twice a day but sometimes it’s once. The colder temperature plus smoothie actually makes the smoothie feel creamier (since she isn’t using dairy) and she really can’t taste it. I think the fiber and all of the whole fruit makes the oil take longer to absorb (just a guess) but it doesn’t upset her stomach at all.

We tried other things like mash potatoes and salad dressings and none of it worked. The smoothie works well for us. Try it out and if it works there are lots of ways to make them ahead of time and make the process easy. Plus you get a serving of fruit and veggies.
I also tried shot glassing it when I first started OMS.
This made my tummy very upset!

I now most often have it in a neutral bullet.

Cucumber, raw beetroot and carrot 1/2 orange juice half water and the flaxseed oil.

Drink with smoothie straw.

Sometimes I mix it into a sauce with pasta or into rice.

Made into a dressing also works.
Another vote for smoothies.

Lots of fruit and veg, flaxseed oil, turmeric, pepper. I can't taste the flaxseed oil and barely notice the turmeric and pepper.
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I also feel nauseous occasionally after taking flaxseed oil. For this reason, I take the oil just before bed which means I sleep through the nausea!
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