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Hello All,

I was browsing through recipes and found one for a cream made from cashews. It looks delicious but it calls for 1. 5 cups of cashews. Since 0.25 cup of raw cashews has 2g of saturated fats, then this recipe alone well exceeds the allowed 10g. I understand that one would not eat the whole dish at once, but then using a few spoons would possibly amount to a significant amount of saturated fats - I believe one would have no idea how much sat fat was consumed in a meal. At least when I'm buying a vegan sour cream I know from the label that there are 2g of saturated fat in 2 tbsp, and can use it accordingly.

Did we stop counting saturated fat? I remember from reading the book to be careful with nuts because they are high in saturated fats. So now I'm really confused. Here is a link to this recipe: https://overcomingms.org/recovery-progr ... hew-cream/

Hi Tedi, as you say our aim is to keep our saturated fat intake low. Swank's research indicates that less than 20g a day is optimal. The OMS programme advocates less than that but it is for each of us to decide within our plant based diet where we consume our saturated fat. I've made the decision not to eat fish but to increase my intake of nuts and seeds. Your correct that nuts are high in saturated fat but that should be looked at in the context of one's overall food intake not just by themselves. In fairness I don't eat cashew cream very often because it's so delicious I find it difficult to limit my portion but it's a useful recipe for special occasions. I hope my take on this is useful and good luck.
Hi Tedi,

Thanks for your comment about the recipe. The OMS Recovery Program recommends consuming no more than 20g of saturated fat each day. According to the dietary information you quoted, this would equate to 12g for the whole batch of cashew cream.

The idea with the cashew cream is certainly not to eat as much of it as often as you like. However, having a spoon or two with a muffin or scone as an occasional treat would be absolutely fine.

Here is another example to help explain this. Salmon is allowed on the OMS Recovery Program diet. The average 100g piece of salmon has 3g of saturated fat. Therefore eating 100g is fine but eating more than 500g would put you fairly close to the daily limit.

With any foods containing saturated fat, attention must be paid to the quantity consumed.

Best wishes,
OMS team
Thank you for your answer, OMS Team. Unfortunately it created more confusion. :( I thought our limit for saturated fat was 10g a day? When did it become 20g? I swear I read the book and saw there 10g, but maybe I misread it? Have I been torturing myself with not exceeding 10g for last two years?
Thank you,
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