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Replacing dessicated coconut

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:03 pm
by Michael D
Hi all,

I know about coconut essence in replacement milks or soy yoghurt to mimic coconut cream and coconut milk.
How do you replace dessicated coconut in cooking?

Michael D

Re: Replacing dessicated coconut

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:10 pm
by Michael D
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3 years ago
40g coconut isn't a lot, so yeah could do more flour ... but flour is less dense, so you could maybe use ground almonds (I realise you don't like nuts, but you can't really taste the ground almonds!) or oat flour (ground oats) ... :) the coconut was probably for a more dynamic texture and for the subtle flavour it would add
-Michael D
Ground almonds are okay-ish OMS I suppose...

3 years ago
Thanks, that's a good idea! I have used ground almonds before and I don't have a problem with them (it's the nutty texture why I don't like whole almonds). I could've also tried oat flour (didn't even know it exists) but I happen to have ground almonds in my cupboard already, so might as well use them. :)

3 years ago
The desiccated coconut does several things; it provides flavor, texture, and it breaks up the continuity of the starch in the flour. I wouldn't replace it with flour, I think the final product might be too dense. Coconut keeps it crumbly. I would try almond meal, but if you hate almonds too you might try a soy meal, not sure how easy it is to find where you are but it is super bland, and will structurally replace the coconut.
-SOY meal is non OMS

Smash a couple of sweet cookies into fine crumbs and use that instead.

Why dont you just use another cookie crust base?