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Hello everyone. Ive been doing my best to abide by the OMS diet for almost 2 years, although I do only achieve wha i guestimate to be about an 80% precision but am happy with the results so far and feel great.

Sadly my most recent blood results have come back with calcium deficiency. Do others here know if they get adequate calcium? If so do people take supplements? I will obviously supplement to get back to a healthy range but Im wondering how in the future I can get calcium from a vegan-ish diet without supplementing,


I've just had a blood test and after 6 years on the diet with no calcium suppliments, my calcium levels are near the top of the acceptable range.

Hope this helps

I'd look into vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is used to extract calcium from leafy vegetables and the biggest risk of high dose vitamin D is too high calcium leading to kidney stones. If your vitamin D is too low, then your calcium is likely to be low as well. You should note that the "acceptable" range of vitamin D for most health professionals is very very low.

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