10 years ago I used worked as a buyer at marks and spencer. I was given the project “reduce the companies use of disposable plastic carrier bags.“
I duly assembled and lead a project team cross functional and we pondered what could be done. Decided to discourage disposal and encourage reuse by charging a small amount – 5p. Having considered the alternatives , And after three trials we were the first big box English retailer to charge 5p for a carrier bag. Subsequently this was passed into law. And 10 years later David Attenborough did his program. (By coincidence he was a neighbour of mine though he didn’t know it!)
I like to think I have played quite a large part in plastic reduction. and I followed environmental matters since that time.
Now there is plastic in human bodies because it has been found in excreta (poo) worldwide and some particles can enter the bloodstream. Some of us have leaky guts.. I wonder whether there are micro plastics that can pass the blood brain barrier, in PwMS and the general population.

Idle speculation in a way, because I’m 100% confident that by following the OMS diet we are doing all we can to protect against it.

But maybe I’ll eat a little bit less fish…