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Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking flax seed oil? I switched over from fish oil and now the hair in front of my scalp has thinned and my hair is very oily. I switched back to fish oil and my hair is no longer oily but still thin. It’s really upsetting to me. Feel like it’s one thing after another and I can’t catch a break.
No, switching oils won't do anything, you must check your diet.
Hi Emilynd,
After Dx, starting Copaxone and switching to the OMS lifestyle, I lost A LOT of hair. I had changed so many things that it was hard to nail down what was causing hair loss. I found out from my hair dresser that too much selenium will cause hair loss. I was eating a couple Brazil nuts a day and they are high in selenium. I was also taking Tumeric supplements and those can cause hair loss. Copaxone? Maybe, shock of Dx? Maybe. I quit eating Brazil nuts and taking Tumeric. My hair is about back to what it was. It was difficult to watch my hair fall out!

If you have made a lot of changes, look at each. I suggest making a list and researching everything to see if you can pinpoint the problem!

Hang in there!
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