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Hi everyone,

Trust everyone is doing well, I have a question for you all after this little bit of background so bare with me. I've tried a few diets over the years and none have given me complete remission so I'm still looking for the diet that will give me that dream. Most of the popular diets have helped to some degree but none have been the complete answer (for me at least). I'm drug free and had I've had ms for 23 years (for 17 of those years it was undiagnosed) and my ms is fairly active so I'm a good judge when it comes to diets as the answer is pretty obvious when I eat the wrong food, Now my journey to this point has lead me to ask this next question. Low histamine diets where is current research/findings at?

I've been on a low histamine diet for about a week so early days on it for me but so far it's looking good, Hopefully some OMS forum members are are such a diet and maybe some of you are more up to date with the current research than me.

Love to hear you thoughts when you have time cheers Craig.
Any info in general about this subject (low histamine diet for putting ms into remission) please feel free to add it here. Cheers Craig
Funny I should read this, it is a diet I stumbled on reading recently and had put a mental note to find out more and your post has just reminded me of that. Just got to remember where I read it now.
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