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Hi guys does anyone recommend what fruit to eat as part of my diet
I tend to stay away from or eat very sparingly high histamine fruits (diet I'm currently following, low histamine/leaky gut diet), so I go easy on citrus fruits and strawberries. The rest I eat in moderation. The OMS diet doesn't restrict any fruits from what i can see.
Guess it's way too personal and should be based on your preferences, so it's hard to tell what you should eat. In general fruits are good for your health condition and you can even find studies that fruit diet can reverse your MS: https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/ ... udy-shows/, though there's no magic formula. The trick is that: "people with an overall healthy lifestyle were nearly 50 percent less likely to have depression, 30 percent less likely to have severe fatigue, and more than 40 percent less likely to have pain than people who did not have a healthy lifestyle" (from this article).
My diet allows me to eat most of greens and fruits, but you should probably discuss this with your doctor.

p.s. - I'm not a professional, just an educated patient
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