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Dear all,

I have recently joined this forum and have found it extremely helpful when looking for what foods I can and cannot eat on the OMS diet. However, I would love to know if there is a list of the foods that are allowed on the diet? I find myself having to Google "*food* OMS" each time I want to eat a food I am not sure about.

Thanking you all in advance for your time.
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Thank you Geoff. So there is no detailed list of specific foods to avoid?

Or an alphabetical list of all foods?

Thank you!

Are there specific foods you want to know about? The list that Geoff has posted outlines all the food groups we can enjoy - eg: fruit and veg, of which there ae no restrictions. Whist processed foods are best avoided, there are some exceptions. It is impossible to list everything that is acceptable, largely as this is a worldwide community, but if you have questions about specific foods, it's best to ask on the forum and then people can advise.

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