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Fat is a necessary part of the diet - but I don't think added fat is necessary as long as you're eating enough fat-containing foods (fish, nuts and seeds). Probably easier to gradually adapt diet to this than try to cut straight from a typical western diet to no added fat at all.

I think a "healthy" body shape varies from person to person, depending on your natural build.
Eek! so all along it was 10gm TOTAL fat intake (not just sat fat)!! ... only joking.
Saw doc today, mentioned low fat intake, min sat. Of no interest, but I wonder if such diet seems borderline cranky to the establishment. I wasn't looking for encouragement or understanding, just interested to hear if she was interested. Seemed not, so best not to go there.

veg, many thanks (btw it is http://www.drmcdougall.com/res_swank.html).
My take on that (Swank thread) is he's suggesting that we need the minimum fat in general, hence the WW2 starved etc having no MS. And any fat intake should be because we are burning it in exercise*. Somehow "white meat of turkey and chicken" don't seem so bad in the context (assuming that its super lean), though I'm not going there. I'd prefer to err on the side of belt and braces.

*Although Esselstyn is clear that exercise does not undo the harm from excess fat intake.

So maybe I'll continue my min total fat experiment into the warmer weather when I can crank up my exercise load. I'm keen to hear from others who are trying the same. We read that fats are needed for so many body functions and structures, yet having cut back from ~200 to <10gm on satfat, why not go the whole way with fat in general. Fat intake being only from what is integral to whole food veg & fruit. So I can binge like a gorilla and be a lean fighting machine.

Averting mind from cocoa junk crimes (we're immune) ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhg_rjpvtME&feature=related
O.M.G That cadburys gorilla ad is So funny! It cracks me up every time :)
Can't wait to read how you do these fab sounding meals please., pretty please :)

@mrmiller, it is very hard getting that low on oil unless you remove nuts from the diet I have found. I am around 50g of oil on average a day but I count everything. Nuts are a treat and for inspiration I read OMS reference page on what to eat (and not) often.
Less than 10 grams saturated though.
Pipo wrote: Mess Positive
So you are relying on the oil in the food that you are eating and the flax seed? and feeling ok on it.[...]

Yes. Just trying to see what effects I experience just by not adding any oil to normal OMS diet.
So cutting out added EVOO and rape seed oil. But still taking the usual flax, fish, and oil that are within/intrinsic to our staples. As much as anything because I can't find enough credible information on the subject of what we need by way of total fat intake (in proportion to body mass and exercise level), at least not enough to form an opinion. As far as I know my heart's fine, so not thinking about cardio issues. I get dry skin in winter, as always, which I put down to not getting out as much, or dry air, or the artificial fug indoors. And as I'm as hairless as an ancient Egyptian (not my self image ... I'm a meerkat), I don't know about effects on hair.
I'm not trying to deviate from George per se, just wondering if his oil additions (beyond rape) are to cheer us up (eating comfort) rather than because it is actually needed. All in, an experiment.

PS. I thought I'd posted this way back, but found written and unposted in my browser, will delete if I find it's repetition.
Gareth, I am taking this topic from the top of the forum board now, please keep posting to it if you wish to keep it bumped to the top.
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