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Wednesday 1st December

0930 150g Shredded Wheat, 200ml Soy Milk, 3 dried Apricots & 1 spoon
of Unrefined Sugar (1g saturated fat)
0930 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1130 1 Grapefruit
1130 Wholemeal Vegan Muffin (0.35g saturated fat)
1300 250ml Orange Juice
1300 Smoked Mackerel Salad (6g saturated fat)
1500 50g Homemade Spelt & Rye Bread (0.15g saturated fat)
1500 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1730 Spicy Scallop & Vegetable soup with 100g Homemade Spelt & Rye
Bread (1.8g saturated fat)
1900 Alpro Soy Yoghurt 0.375g saturated fat)
2000 Glass of Red Wine
2130 Glass of Red Wine
2230 Oat & Date Square
2300 Handful of Pistachio Nuts. (1g saturated fat)

I am losing weight, I weighed myself yesterday and it was quite low. Still, I feel OK and (think) that I look OK. I think that yesterday crept over 10g, probably down to the smoked mackerel salad that I had for lunch - just shows that you have got to watch the oily fish.
Thursday 2nd December

0930 1 Medium Apple
1000 500ml Water
1000 Wholemeal Vegan Muffin (0.35g saturated fat)
1200 Crab Salad (0.5g saturated fat)
1300 2 Medium Plums
1330 750ml Water
1400 Oat & Date Square (0.37g saturated fat)
1500 Alpro Soy Yoghurt 0.375g saturated fat)
1630 2 Large Rice Cakes with Homemade Fruit Chutney (approximate 0.15g
saturated fat)
1630 300ml Orange Juice
1745 Potato Wedges, Grilled Mushrooms filled With Tomatoes, Lentils &
Herbs (2.5g saturated fat)
1930 Oat & Date Square (0.37g saturated fat)
1930 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
2045 Green Smoothie (Kale, Banana, Pomegranate, Freshly Milled
Flaxseed) (1g saturated fat)
2130 60g Homemade Spelt & Rye Bread (0.8g saturated fat)

< 7g for the day. I am now confident that I am hitting my 10g target every single day, probably averaging more like or 8.
I've lost a lot of weight too. I was a bit worried at first as I've lost about two stone and I didn't really have it to lose. However I'm eating loads, massive portions and snacking lots too and I feel ok too so I've stopped worrying. I'd love to put some weight back on though! I think it has a lot to do with our metabolisms suddenly firing up and becoming really efficient on this kind of diet. We are energy burning machines! Well I seem to be anyway.

I'm going to Thailand tomorrow so there will be no food posts from me! Hopefully I won't have to blow the diet. I'm thinking lots of fresh fruit and veg and fish with rice will be the order of the day.

Stay well all.

Hello Everyone,

I've been on the diet since June and have lost about 5kg because of it and am now underweight (BMI 18.6). I really want to put on weight (starting to look unhealthy and also need some body fat for the copaxone injections). This is made more difficult by the fact that I joined the gym to exercise 4x per week.
Does any of you have suggestions what foods to snack on during the day that have high calorie content but no saturated fat? My daily satfat fat intake is between 9-11g already (including the satfat found in the fishoil supplements and flaxseed I have daily) and I don't want to stretch that.

You guys eat a lot less than I do. I've lost weight, but not as much as I wanted. on a typical day, I'll have

Coffee + Soymilk
Whole wheat toast and jam

Green Salad and Dressing
Lentil Curry + Rice
2 Carrots
1 Stalk Celery
1 Apple
1 portion boiled kale with sesame seeds

Tin Sardines
1 cup Rice
Odd vegetable
Miso Soup with Tofu

2 cups air popped popcorn
1 popsicle (ice lolly)
1 whole wheat toast with jam

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Friday 3rd December

0830 1 Medium Banana (0.2g saturated fat)
0930 60g Smoked Mackerel (6g saturated fat)
0930 300ml Water
1100 1 Medium Apple
1200 500ml Water
1200 60g Homemade Spelt & Rye Bread (0.8g saturated fat)
1300 1 Cup of Black Coffee
1300 100g Wholemeal Pasta dressed in 1/3 tbps EVOO, 200g Marrow
roasted in Garlic, Chilli, Arsley & 1 tbsp EVOO (1.7g saturated fat)
1530 2 Medium Plums
1630 Alpro Soy Yoghurt (0.375g saturated fat)
1730 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1800 Roasted Vegetables, Couscous & Baked Haddock (1.8g saturated fat)
1900 80g Lemon Sorbet
2000 Glass of Red Wine

Approximately 11g for the day but over half of that was the small amount of smoked Mackerel that I had at breakfast. I need to look more carefully when looking at the packaging for the Mackerel as I believe there can be quite a difference in the saturated fat levels.
Saturday 4th December

0900 100g Rye Bread, 1 Banana (0.4g saturated fat)
0900 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1030 Green Smoothie (Banana, Kiwi, 10g Freshly Milled Flax, Fruit
Juice, Honey, Rocket) (1g saturated fat)
1230 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1230 Oat & Date Square (0.37g saturated fat)
1400 Crab Salad with Couscous, dressed with Truffle Oil & Red Wine
Vinegar (2.6g saturated fat)
1500 Alpro Soy Yoghurt (0.375g saturated fat)
1800 Pint of Real Ale
1830 Thai Sweet Chilli Noodles with a Chicken Breast (No idea on saturated fat)
1900 Pint of Cider
2000 pint of Real Ale
2200 pint of Real Ale

Tonight's main meal was an aberration. For weeks, my friends and I had been planning to go to see a comedian in Bradford but because of the recent snow this had been on/off for a few days. At the last minute, we decided to go. I got picked up at 1630hrs and the plan was to eat out in Bradford. I figured that there would be something on the menu that wasn't so bad. In the pub the obvious option was vegetarian chilli and a jacket potato. I don't know why but for some reason I chose sweet chilli noodles with a chicken breast, maybe due to the recent discussion we have been having on meat. I figured that this should still make the day come in at <10g so why not? On reflection, this was a cheat, not a compromise but a cheat - first one in 14 weeks mind. I think it might be some kind of rebellion due to the fact that I am finding it increasingly difficult to walk, which is really pissing me off. Any way, the meal came and from the outset, something didn't feel right; it felt way too creamy. Towards, the end of the meal I decided to double check that was no dairy in this in case I had made a mistake. I saw that right next to the dish I had ordered was the dish I was actually eating - they had brought me the wrong one! Thankfully no dairy but the dish was made with coconut milk. Have you seen how much saturated fat is in coconut milk? I stopped eating the meal there but my saturated fat level will have been far too high for the day, I'm not gonna try and count it.

I'd been having a reasonable day up to that point. During a morning meditation I'd had quite profound revelation that happiness was really the only thing that I am after. MS can take many things from me but it can never take my happiness. This made me glad. It doesn't mean that I am about to abandon the program and eat steak because being able to walk, see and think straight help with whole happiness thing.

But I feel crap today. Is it due to the meal? Is it due to the alcohol? Is it just another day in the happy world of MS? I don't know. I don't know how you know. I am gonna try and have a good day today, it's the last day of my food diary and I need to do penance for last night. Unfortunately, I am going out for another meal for my mother-in-law's birthday tonight but I have negotiated the dishes beforehand so I should be OK.
0900 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1000 75g Shredded Wheat, 200ml Soy Milk, 3 dried Apricots & 1 spoon of
Unrefined Sugar (1g saturated fat)
1000 200ml Fruit Juice
1230 1 small satsuma
1300 2 Plums
1500 Wholemeal Bread with Balsamic Dip, Grilled Langoustines &
Mussels, Salad Leaves & Dressing (Approximately 2g saturated fat)
1500 Cup of tea with 30ml soy milk (0.1g saturated fat)
1600 1 Apple
2000 Baked Beetroot with Dressing & Salad (Approximately 1g saturated fat)
2000 Pint of Real Ale
2030 Seafood Platter with Smoked Salmon, Potted Shrimp, Prawns, Smoked
Trout, Beetroot Salsa, Pickled Turnip & Capers (Approximately 5g
saturated fat)
2130 Brandy
2130 Small piece of Christmas Cake without Icing (Approximately 0.5g
saturated fat)

Despite my initial planning with the restaurant, the evening meal was a bit tricky yet again. The starter was no problem at all but then they brought out my main course with a knob of butter and horseradish cream despite having negotiated alternatives with them beforehand. I obviously didn't eat the two offending items but this didn't fill me with confidence. I don't know the exact saturated fat levels and to be honest I have stopped counting now that I am at the end of the project. I am pretty sure that the day came in at very close to the 10g mark. I have felt really lousy these last few days and I would really like to know if it possible to attribute that to eating one meal with too much saturated fat in it.

I have now come to the end of the two-week project; what have I learnt?

1. Stick to the professors recommendations and there is little need really to count the saturated fat. The days when you eat oily fish contain a lot more saturated fat than the others and sometimes scrape above a 10g limit. In the long run, theses are more than compensated for by the days in which you don't eat oily fish; these days sometimes come as low as 7g saturated fat.
2. I still don't know about meat. It is possible to choose some meat that is quite low in saturated fat. Is it something else in meat that we are avoiding?
3. Eating out is filled with danger.

Hey, I like your summing up and to be fair, I think you are bang on with your conclusions. From a sat fat point of view, it is fairly easy to stay below 15g all in IF you are eating at home. Once you go out, it all falls apart.

It was my birthday this weekend and despite our best efforts, I think we will have gone over the sat fat limits so... it has to be an exception rather than the rule but it is still annoying.

What do you do? Cancel all social activities? We too tried to manage eating out but it has been a total disaster, potatoes come smothered in butter even when you don't ask for it.

Christmas is going to be a challenge.

HI just a tip for restaurant eating (have learned it recently).
Rather than tell them you have food intollerences tell them you will be really sick if there is any dariy in the food (well it is true isnt it)
It gets good compliance when they think they could be responsible for you getting sick and spreading the word!

Don't be afraid to send anything back that isn't what you ordered.

Re the sat fat, if they are using olive oil because the can't use butter and you are having something like fish then the sat fat isn't going to be a biggy.

Hope that helps because we don't want to stop having fun do we!
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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