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In my OMS book animal protien is in the eat never section.
Oily fish in moderation, as with shell fish/other seafood.
Only white fish is unlimited in the book.

Just my choice based on reading other stuff re diet, protien and meat and disease. I read all the BBD stuff 3 years ago, the new stuff is what I have read in the last few months that for me personally takes the lead.

Whilst I may have MS just now I do not want to have another disease on top that could have been prevented by what I eat.

Just for me cherry picking the bits I want and I take the core of OMS but with that I add the other bits I want to do :) afterall MS is a very personal journey and I am onyl sharing what what I am doing as others have too :)
We are at cross purposes; I have been counting fish as animal protein. It's just that you said that there was too much animal protein in my food diary. If you don't mean fish or shellfish then there is only one day out of that two weeks that I ate any animal protein. I'm very confused :roll:

I was including all fish with the animal protien comment in that post. (I think)
I then tried to clarify but I think I made it worse :)
Just my tuppence :) I may have mixed up food diaries posted too.

My journey has taken me to realise that at each meal I did not need to have animal/fish protien for the meal to be complete (for me).
Great discussions/topics!

I have been following the diet for about 6 months now. I am concerned about the level of mercury in much of the fish that we eat. I have been able to find a chart on the environemental protection agency's website for mercury content in our fish (USA), however, much of the data is from 6-10yrs ago!
I have cut back slightly on the amount of fish in my diet and replaced it with mercury free fish oil supplements, however would much prefer to eat more fish!
Has anyone had similar concerns about mercury??? Especially given it's known neurotoxic effects?

new to the forum, ang

If you're worried about mercury you could try Alpha-lipoic acid. It is said to be an effective chelator of metals including mercury.

Hi njmom,

I stirfry with a little EVOO mixed with some water to keep the temperature down, then drizzle the soy sauce, honey and sesame oil over when serving. Sometimes sprinkle with some raw sesame seeds too. Sesame oil contains some saturated fat, but also lots of polyunsaturated fats and minerals (more info here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/sesame-o ... facts.html) - it's a very aromatic strongly flavoured oil, so only a little is needed. I just love the flavour combination of soy sauce, sesame oil and honey. A sprinkle of crushed dried chilli goes with this well too :-)

Agree with comments above that we all have to find our own path and see what works best for ourselves.
I was surprised by George's suggestion and others to mix EVOO and water to keep frying temp down.
Because being a cook I know oil and water doesn't mix and I know never to add water to hot oil so I heated them both together
And indeed when I tried it I had exploding water going all over the place which was dangerous.
George must have success with this or he wouldn't have suggested it.
Can someone enlighten me how to get the water to cool the oil and not spit all over the place?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I start with them already mixed together as I reckoned adding water to hot fat was definitely dangerous. I thought the same re oil/water - and sure enough it really does spit everywhere - seems to cook OK, though. As temp is lower, cooking times have to be adjusted to ensure food cooks through - stir frying is easy to adapt as the food is sliced so finely, but I must admit there are some foods I still eat (occasional treats not everyday) that I cook in oil to avoid this problem.
Thanks I thought there must be a trick to it that I was missing :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
If I'm browning onions etc I put the oil and little bit of water in a cold pan and heat gently, it never seems to spit at me, but I'm doing this less and less as my cooling adjusts to using less oil.

I put a piece of baking paper (parchment) in a frying pan and things brown and crisp up perfectly with no added oil, especially good for crispy skinned salmon, burger/patty type things.


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