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Hi friends,

I am torn between the OMS diet and the Wahl's diet....If any of you have had this struggle please let me know. Terry Wahl's was in a wheelchair and through her diet and other supplements she is thriving. I was diagnosed in 2006 because of an episode that was questionable if it was MS, but I had lesions, so it probably was. I have had no real symptoms until last week. I have twitches in my legs and they feel tingly. I am going to see a new neuro in the practice I have been going to tomorrow (my old neuro has moved to research only in NY.) I want to get an MRI to make sure it is not progressing. I am on Copaxone now and have been since 2015. I have not been eating right, sleeping right or mediating, but I started doing all of this since Monday. I have always done well with taking my vitamin D and B12 though. I am still unsure about the diet though.

One other question is this, is a can of sardines in olive oil 3 xs a week sufficient?

Thank you,

Think of it as a life style change, diet as in what you eat is a component of the overall life style changes, but it is an important part so don't let that it is part of an approach dilute it's importance.
Wahls also had access to electronic muscle stimulation which I also attribute to the recovery.
There is growing access to plant based eating when out and about so I think access to whole foods is improving all the time especially since the drive to minimise our footprints with what we eat. If you are a recipe follower then there are plenty on here. Reading labels and feeling comfortable with food gets easier as to being strong in our choices.
Be well and feel empowered to make a difference.
only you can decide which path you want to choose, I've been following OMS for about 8 years now (with a couple of hick ups along the way) I personally did not like the use of so much Meat and Offal and high fat it just did not ring quiet true to me,Even more so now with the fact of plant based diet is so credible if you've got net flicks have a look for The Game Changer and what animal fats and protein do to the blood. The only good thing about the Wahls is the amount of vegetables that you have to consume.
Hi, I've tried a paleo diet, autoimmune protocol, wahls. overcoming ms and a leaky gut diet. All have positive parts to them you just need to find the one that works for you. I found that if your MS is active you need to be strict with your diet and give it a chance. Doing 90% is no good you have to commit. You have to give them a decent try too. You have to work out if you want to take meds as well as the diet or just diet alone. I have stuck to diet alone.
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