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so I have been following OMS now for 5 years and had tremendous results!!! I follow OMS religiously and am pretty much symptom free.

I have an incredibly stressful business and even though OMS is great, I like to look for other 'bio-hacking' methods to get an extra advantage (especially with fatigue).

Over the last month I have spent a great deal of time researching and reading Dave Asprey's book "Bulletproof" where he uses daily MCT Oil for weight-loss and energy. Bear in mind, MCT Oil is 90% saturated fat as it is derived from coconut. (The reviews are pretty overwhelming).

Now I know something like that would be against OMS guidelines, however, hear me out....

Terry Wahls' diet is one that incorporates a lot of healthy saturated fat as the sat fats help our mitochondria and that is why she believes she recovered (almost?) from MS.

Can we make take Oils like this as they are natural and not processed or fried?
Hi Paul,
OMS has a very clear opinion on coconut oil and other coconut products containing coconut fats: They are to be avoided, since these fats are predominantly saturated fats.
To my knowledge there are studies which show, that coconut oil’s MCT saturated fats are less harmful than longer chain animal-derived saturated fats, but comparing something bad to something worse does not prove it’s good. I would definitely keep my fingers off that stuff.
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about the wonders MCTs allegedly can work, but Dr. Michael Greger presents on his website nutritionfacts.org the scientific evidence that studies hitherto have provided. Type “coconut” + “MCT” into the search field, and a number of relevant videos will come up, e. g. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/what-a ... -oil-mcts/ According to that specific video you might be better off taking MCT oil than the complete coconut oil, because only a small portion of coconut oil is MCT sat fats and the vast portion are longer chain saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid and palmitic acid, but still there is no evidence of MCTs being healthy. Check, what his other videos on the topic contain! Go with the science (every source and study is referenced. You only have to click onto the “sources cited” field below the video)!
Hope, that helps!
Best regards
Thanks Zoe! Thats incredibly helpful.

I have started researching bio-hacking a lot and was pleasantly surprised when Terry Wahls was referenced multiple times. Which led to my confusion...

But again, in all my research everyone's opinion was based on either following Wahls diet or some form of a paleo diet, never a plant based diet. So the links you gave are great.

But, and this may sound like a dumb question, as Wahls and Asprey constantly talk about good fats to boost their mitochondria, what can OMS people do to dramatically boost our mitochondria?

Should it be a concern?
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