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I've been on the OMS program for 1 year and have seen my energy return. Can't wait to see what great things will follow! Texans, where are you?
So glad to hear there's a Texan. I'm in San Antonio. Shortly after my diagnosis I switched to the UTHSC in Houston. I moved my care back to SA in 2010. That's when I started to have symptoms after a 2004 diagnosis so I needed and found a good neuro here. Hope you are doing well.
I'm in Houston...just diagnosed the week before Christmas.
I heard that San Antonio has a wonderful integrative care center -- almost changed my doctor to one over there until I found Wolinsky here. Not sure why there isn't more integrative support in Houston - this is a huge city! I'm thinking about getting my health coach certification to help out other MSers here. There really isn't a lot of support besides the traditional medicine.
What is integrative care? I started out with Wolinsky and really liked him, but then he stopped practicing medicine to become the dean. Is he back? I would consider returning to Houston if he had returned to the practice. I saw Dr. Nelson in his absence, but never really felt a connection to her. Have you heard of CCSVI? I'm quite intrigued after reading a 10-28-2012 article in the New York Times magazine.
ami5703 wrote: I'm in Houston...just diagnosed the week before Christmas.

wow, almost exactly my story - got unofficially diagnosed Dec 13th last year
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