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I can't possibly be the only OMSer in New York, can I? I've been on the program for over 3 years and doing well. Would love to connect with my fellow New Yorkers and talk about how to get the word out. I live in Westchester and work in NYC.

New to the forum and program but also in NYC.
I'm new here also...in NJ - but in a "NY Bedroom community" - is that close enough...lol!
Hi everyone! I'm new here as well! I was refered to this past post to connect with other OMSers in this.part of the world :D I live at the Jersey Shore. I grew up in Point Pleasant and live south of Seaside now near Long Beach Island. I am looking for support as a spouse. My husband has been newly diagnosed and it is very overwhelming at the moment but we are trying to keep positive and gradually fall into this OMS lifestyle. I am trying to help and "coach" him into a new way of eating and living in general, researching and cooking new meals etc. He is definately not jumping in full tilt but he is receptive and wants to... just that old habits die hard, so we are taking baby steps. So many here said they went full tilt into it after diagnosis and I think if it were me I would.. but he still wants some of his favorites and has the "once in a while can't hurt" attitude. I van only do so much, I can't do it all for him, so I am slowly introducing.substitutes for those favorites. I just have alot to to learn myself and can use help!
I look forward to meeting you all and sharing ideas. :)
Thanks in advance!
Reminder: First OMS U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region lunch in New York City

Hello everyone in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and D.C. (and all those vacationing nearby).

The First OMS U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region lunch will be taking place in NYC on Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 12:00 Noon at the fabulous Candle 79 - NYC's premiere vegan oasis. (http://www.candle79.com/) I absolutely love Candle79. They serve the best farm fresh vegan food (and organic wines and spirits).

Jersey4ever and I are hoping everyone in the region will be able to make the trip. If we have enough interest, we could even try to bring in speakers.

George, I understand that you will be in the UK on July 4th making a presentation. If you would be so kind as to hop across the pond on your way home, I am sure we would all love to buy you lunch. In addition, it would be fabulous to see the presentation in person.

Hoping everyone can make it!

Janet (NJ)
Wouldnt that be FABULOUS!! Im sure it isnt very easy to hop over though, but for now we can hope!! :) I would like more details on this, if its here somewhere please link me, maybe we can join! NYC is only an hour or so ride. how far from Penn Station is Candle79 if we hop the train in from metro park??
Okay - I will plan to come up from DC and join the team (and enjoy the meal).
Hooray! I am so happy that all of you are interested in meeting up in New York City! The more the merrier.

Candle 79 is a 10 minute cab drive from Penn Station in New York City. Candle 79 is 3 blocks from Central Park ( 154 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075).

I look forward to meeting you all!

Janet (NJ)
I am also hoping to make it. I love the city in the summer! And getting out of the desert heat is a nice break too. Thanks for setting this up .
Hi New Yorkers, et al,

I'm Marcy J and I hope you guys had a great time meeting up.
New here, diagnosed April 16. So much to learn. Grateful for
this book. Learning so much......Glad to be here!

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