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Hello from Salt Lake City.
Hi Jaci

Also in SLC, just getting into the OMS life.

Reading everything I can and watching lots of video's.

Do you have any advice for other Utahans, restaurant or cafe suggestions, markets, good sources of organics etc?

Thanks Farrier.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Jaci and Farrier… Hello!!!
I'm hopefully returning to SLC in the next few months (still own a house there and miss the 9th and 9th neighborhood!). Farrier - some restaurants/cafes that I liked were "Sage's", the vegan mac and cheese from "City Cakes", "Pago" is pricey and has a lot of meat on the menu but they will cater nicely to the diet and used to have some good fish options. It's great to know there's a couple of OMSers in SLC. Hope you are both doing well.
Hi Joe

Welcome back or at least good to see you plan to return anyway!

I'll be around when you get here, so feel free to contact me if you fancy a trip out or just a coffee, tea, glass of water, etc. or just to meet another OMSer when you get yourself a little settled.

Had a few recommendations from friends, including Sages, the City Cakes, and the Vertical Diner, (though I've had 3 friends review it and it was 2:1 positive - negative)!
Be well, live long and prosper!
Hi, Jo and Farrier. I obviously haven't checked in with the forum for awhile. I am happy to see some other Utahns with the program! Some other restaurants I recommend would be:

Market Street Grill - I ask them to broil salmon with no oil or butter. I also ask for the boiled potatoes and other vegetable with no oil or butter. If the
current vegetable can't be done that way, I eliminate it. I sometimes order an asparagus side (also with no oil or butter). They do have
extra virgin olive oil they can bring to the table, so you can drizzle oil that has not been heated.
Asian Star - At the Asian Star (on Union Park Dr.), you can ask them to steam vegetables and shrimp. Be sure to tell them no oil, butter, or
sauce. Then you can add soy sauce yourself, if you like. They will also bring rice. This is not on the menu, but they will honor the
request. It is a good size serving.
Eva's Bakery - They have a couple of salads that work, and you can make substitutions. I had the pear arugula salad, and switched the maple
glazed almonds for marcona almonds and had light dressing. I always make sure the dressing is extra virgin olive oil. I left out the
goat cheese crostini. It was great.
Cafe Galleria - This is in Midway. They do not use oil in their pizza crust, which is good as they cook their pizzas at a very high temperature. I get the
marinara pizza without cheese and a few acceptable things - like artichokes, tomatoes, pineapple, arugula. However, I tell them
to leave off the garlic and oil which they put on the marinara.
Cafe Rio - At Cafe Rio I order the side salad with lettuce, pico, and guacamole. I don't get the dressing. If I am going home with it, I will add
my own black beans, mangoes, etc. and sometimes my own dressing.
Alamexo - They have a crab meat salad that works.

Takashi - I had some veggie sushi and ordered an acceptable sauce that was great. I can't find the name of that sauce right now. If I figure
it out, I will let you know.
Thanks for the list of places that cater to us OMSers, I fish on the Provo river near Midway, so I'll probably try Cafe Galleria first.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Hello SLC!

My 18-year-old son was recently diagnosed with MS and we immediately adopted the OMS lifestyle as a family. Yes, even his 14-yr-old sister.

Well, as best we can. There is a lot to digest (no pun intended) but we love the fact that it is absolutely doable and can only have positive results. Still, no dairy or land animals in a month so far.

He is shockingly uninterested in social media but I will check back here periodically.

Good luck to us all!

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