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Are there anyone doing the OMS program in North Carolina? I have been on the program since January 2013 and just returned from
a OMS retreat. Would love to exchange ideas, recipes and hear how you are doing.
Greetings from Eastern North Carolina! I was diagnosed March 2013, and just purchased the book a few weeks ago. Interestingly, I changed my food plan in early 2012 and was 95% plant-based before diagnosis. Just started reading the book and have been viewing OMS website for three months. Now I'm eating more fish (herring,shrimp,salmon,sardines) taking Vitamin D, B12, and other vitamins. I'm feeling well, how are you and where are you in North Carolina?
I am in Raleigh, NC. I was diagnosed in Feb. 2007. I was familiar with the Swank diet and had implemented most of what he recommended. I can across George's book about a year and a half ago and started on Vit D, B12, Flaxseed oil. I really adopted all of his approach in January of this year and feel well. I have no major relapses since diagnosis, but was pretty bad off initially. I lost feeling in my arms sensory and motor. Could not take care of myself. High doses of steroids helped and then I have taken Avonex and for now still do. I feel like my energy level has been much better since January. Do you take any medication?
I started Copaxone in early May following my diagnosis in March 2013. My only symptom was right eye vision change. Went to the eye doctor, he looked for every reason my vision might be changing, but ultimately said it might be neurological. I saw the eye specialist that afternoon, MRI two days later, diagnosis the following day. This happened very quickly, and I was really surprised to say the least. My vision returned after 3 days of IV steroids. I'm so glad I started my plant-based diet one year before diagnosis. It has empowered me beyond words, and am blessed to have found George Jelinek in the past few months!
Do you have some delicious recipes you'd like to share?

Hope this message finds you well. Sorry for the long delay in response. I mostly get recipes off this web site and and a facebook
page "What We Eat -Recipes for Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis" . The page takes recipes and offers modifications to make them
OMS friendly. I also use a cookbook "Glorious One Pot Meals" not all the recipes are OMS friendly, but a little adjustment takes care of unwanted ingredients. Hope this helps. Take care for now and happy cooking!
Checkout the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis North Carolina Page!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Overcomi ... 0057956249
WOW. I had no idea that North Carolina had this facebook page! Thank you for sharing. Did you start this page?
So glad you saw it and visited! I did not start the page. Gary at OMS set it up. There are other states
that have a page as well. Hope these help reach more people here in the US. I try to post on the
page to keep it out there and active. Thank you for visiting and hope you are doing well!!
How are you doing?
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