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Any OMSers here in the "Lone Star State"?
I'm in San Antonio.
Hi! I'm just four hours south of you! I actually was living in SA/Leon Springs when I was admitted in hospital a year ago this month.

Would love to hear more of your story!

How great to hear from you. I was diagnosed in 2004 with optic neuritis and began treatment with Avonex. Those were some of the worst three months of my life. Jerry Wollinsky of UT Medicine in Houston took me off of Avonex after he could not confirm the diagnosis. A troubling MRI a few months later had me begin treatment with copaxone in the fall of 2005. I was symptom free until my son's death in May of 2011. I just had an MRI that showed no new lesions. I do have symptoms though. I can't recall when I began OMS. This has certainly been a time of spiritual growth and this Lent I have come to a certain peace. It remains an enormous challenge and one I struggle with but I know that my Redeemer lives and He will help me through this.


I'm just outside of Tyler. I'm new to this group... I've had MS since '87. Thinking back, I can remember even when I was a teenager that my legs would hurt as though I'd been running (even though I hadnt). I was always fatigued. It's been a long struggle, but I'll never give up. I look forward to getting to know you all.

We don't know how strong we are until being strong is our only choice.
I live just south of Fort Worth. I'm 49, and was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago. At the time of my diagnosis my feet were having strange sensations and I had some numb spots. A friend brought me Swank's book, and I read it and decided to follow it. A couple of years later, I learned about Jelinek's first book, and started implementing his suggestions too. I followed the diet very carefully for many years, but the last three years I started to let it slide. Then, last December, my Mother died, who I was very close to. In the past six months, I've started seeing lots of symptoms develop. I discovered Jelinek's newer book from 2010 in August, which had quite a few changes from his original book. I've now started that new way of eating and have been on it for about a month. My fatigue is better. The pain in my legs is better. I've started exercising and getting sun (easy in Texas). I've found this website, and am slowly taking it all in and learning a lot. I'm married and have 3 teenagers, so I'm very motivated to do anything I can to feel better.
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