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Hi, I'm sure I once saw on this forum a holistic neurologist listed in Florida, but I have searched so many times since and have never found the name. He may have been in Naples or Ft. Meyers, FL. We live near Tampa, Florida and would love to know your recommendations for a holistic neurologist. My husband's previous neurologist has retired and he needs to see one soon to refill his RX anyway. Since we'd been hoping to find a holistic Dr. for a while, this seems like the perfect time to make the switch. Any help is greatly appreciated. Professor Jelinick, Wendy and everyone on this site are all so helpful. Thank you.
I don't know of a any but consider searching through google for a "functional neurologist" in Florida. Preferably one who has graduated from the Carrick Institute in Atlanta. Blessings!
I'm in Lake Worth FL. I'm being seen by a nurse practitioner who, while not officially under the title of wholistic neurologist, is very much in agreement with everything I am doing following the OMS program. In fact, my last visit she spent time with me teaching me a meditation technique. Her name is Jennifer Smrtka and she's under the head of the MS Center at U of Miami, Dr. Ramahan. Jennifer tells me he also is a big believer in meditation.
I know we're a big drive from Tampa. Maybe calling potential neurologists and asking about whether they are open to a wholistic approach could help you find the right person. It was a pleasant surprise to me to find out how wholistic my nurse practitioner turned out to be!
I finally found an MS neurologist that didn't ridicule my adherence to the OMS Recovery Program. His name is Dr. Derick Robertson at USF Health (University of South Florida). Dr. Robertson confesses to be new at following a patient with MS on OMS but cooperates with me and enjoys the success at each visit or test.
Belief beyond proof is faith. Belief in spite of proof is folly.
Tom, it is really encouraging that you have found an MS neurologist that supports your adherence to the OMS recovery program! It is also really encouraging to hear from others in FL who are following OMS. It would be great to form a OMS FL support group, even if it's entirely online! It's a successful but lonely path here in Lake Worth, FL.
While it's not easy doing this on my own, I am staying the course with amazing results! To me, Dr. Jelinek is my MD (I'm seeing someone who at least backs me on following OMS) and OMS is my community, even if I'm the only one in PBC, FL who has heard of his recovery program.
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