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Prescott Valley, is located in the mountains of the Arizona. Spring through Fall is typically mild weather with the monsoon season during the summer. Winter usually brings snow and temperatures are usually below freezing. This has been home for the past 11 years, originally born and raised in San Diego California USA.

Currently am giving serious thought to moving to a lower elevation. Typically, the summers are significantly hotter, but the winters would be warmer. Making a commitment to a no saturated animal fat diet undoubtedly will have the effect of lot less body fat to be comfortable during the winters in the mountains here.

Ideally, having a home here and traveling elsewhere during the winter would be ideal. This was my previous desire, before disability from the migraines and a few other symptoms limited my income. Still optimistic that my current natural path healthcare will continue to improve my health. Thus far treatment with Feverfew, B vitamins, Magnesium has reduced the migraines. Also the Fish oil protocol is helping with the mental fog and having more energy.

I live and grew up in the Los Angeles area. I got my diagnosis in the fall of 2013 and it turns out I have had MS for at least 7 yrs before that. The OMS diet is great and very helpful. But thing I wanted to comment on was your headaches. I have had migraines since age 14 ( I'm now 49) and sinus headaches as well. Even though the OMS diet isn't a gluten free diet I decided to try it anyway. If going gluten free is helping my MS I can't tell but my headaches have almost completely disappeared! So I have stayed gluten free. I have also been taking Turmeric supplements which are supposed to be good for reducing inflammation. The Turmeric has made my 82 yr old mothers arthritis disappear. I hope this is helpful.

Take care
Jewel Girl
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