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Is there anyone in the Bay Area that is following OMS and would like to meet for mutual support? I have been following OMS since my diagnosis in 2013 and am seeing terrific results but there are also the challenging times. If you are also following OMS, I would love to meet you and share experiences and tips.
Hi there
I am a Californian living in the UK. I've been doing OMS since December 2012.
I'll be in Berkeley for 7 weeks this summer and would love to meet up with you.
Where are you in the Bay Area?
I will post this to call any others but you can also private message me.
Look forward to meeting you -

I was just diagnosed and am about to start following this program. Are you still living in the Bay Area? Would love to connect!

Shout out from the East Bay! I'm not driving much right now but happy to chat and share notes with anyone in the Bay Area. Drop a line any time!
First symptom 2006
Diagnosed Dec. 2016
OMS Jan. 2017
Would love to connect!! I was just diagnosed and embarking on this journey.... plz let me know the best way to reach you!
My wife was recently diagnosed with ms in November. We live on the peninsula and we are following oms.
Awesome! How was it going? I'm following as well, although I'm not eating any grains and I'm still eating lean meats (grass fed beef included). Would love to know your wife's experience!
It's going ok. She has also started Tecfidera a couple months ago and that was a rough start but is now ok. During that time it was hard for her to come off meat. She has never liked seafood and has a strong adversion to flaxseed oil. However we have found a number of ways to start getting salmon in to replace meat. We also make fresh smoothies with greens and fruit everyday in which we mix the flaxseed oil. It's been hard at first getting going at once but I think we are basically 90% oms at this point. She still eats some tortilla chips and things like that but we try to buy them with as little saturated fat as possible.

Some things we are doing that's not specified in oms as much is finding ways to make sure we get the most omega 3 in what we buy. So I think the costco canned salmon has more omega 3 then farmed salmon. Not sure this is discussed much in the oms book but it seems there are some ways to get more bang in what we eat with a little thought. We aren't great cooks and used to eat out a lot before so this is a challenge but we are looking carefully at the ingredients we buy.

Are you in the city?
yes, i'm based in the city but my parents live in palo alto.

would love hear about how the tecfidera is going -- that's the medicine my doctor has recommended for me. i'm seeing a ucsf neurologist who believes in the diet (and supports my decision to pursue it as a treatment option). we're giving this a three-month trial -- if I haven't progressed, we'll play it by ear and see if I cant get this into remission through diet, lifestyle alone. if the diet doesn't seem to be working, i'll get on the tecfidera.... my concern is that apparently t can cause stomach/gut issues, which I believe to be a root cause of ms (and autoimmune disease in general).

I did quite a bit of research, and after being extremely inspired by omg, I decided to adopt for an autoimmune disease-paleo based diet, vs the strict OMS diet. know oms is based on low saturated fats but I feel conflicted -- fat is good for the brain and there are many cases (including terry wahls) in which a diet that's high in veggies, fish and some grassfed animal meats, in addition to coconut, can be really good for ms (and great for brain health in general). in other ways the diets are extremely similar -- no processed foods, no dairy, no sugar. i'm going to see how this works over the next few months. i'm also seeing a nutritionist to support me through this -- she's suggested some good supplements for ms, including vitamin D, carcumin (turmeric), glutathione, fish oils, and a few others.

definitely agree that a restrictive diet like this takes some adjustment... and requires a lot of home cooking, but eating clean feels great and for me, it's been much easier to get used than i would have feared.

anyway, could talk about ms diets all day -- please keep in touch and let me know how your wife's condition improves
So we are located in Los Altos and are often in palo alto. I have been quite obessed about this and have watched probably a 100 hours of videos and read most books on the subject, but think I have narrowed down a reasonable list of reputable sources and things to follow. I have actually been pouring through a bunch of pubmed articles as well. We have some similar things on our list like turmeric but I think we also have a few suppplements like biotin, probotics and alpha lipoic acid. We debated about maybe not doing a DMD for a bit. Which nerologist do you see at UCSF? We are at the stanford MS center and see Dr Lock. If you are interested it would great to meet up when you are in palo alto and compare notes. There are a few programs at UCSF on a fasting mimimcking diet that are particularly interesting and stuff we are pondering. My wife was diagnosed in November after her first attack, but her MRI showed prior legions that matched a pattern typically of MS combined with the spinal fluid etc, we started treating. At this point most symptoms have gone away, but we are pressing hard on getting the diet going.
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