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Hello all of you fellow OMS-ers! I am here in Cincinnati Ohio, and looking for folks nearby...Was just diagnosed at the end of May and have been doing the Swank diet then OMS/Jelinek since then... Is anybody out there?? Blessings on your journey of good health!!
Newly diagnosed and starting Meds and OMS plan hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I'm in Cincinnati as well.
JJsMommy welcome to the forums!

Start the OMS as soon as you can, if you are eating a "normal" western diet, today is mostly gone, but even if you start to reduce your meat and dairy consumption, and increase your veg and fish, (if you like it), tomorrow, rather than waiting for a couple of weeks, you may already be feeling some improvement in your condition, by the time you would have started.

I'm not saying there are no reasons too strong to delay for a couple of weeks, but IMO it's a much more effective technique to bite the bullet and jump into the diet with a solid commitment right from the start.

JM2C! ;)
Be well, live long and prosper!
Hi and welcome, JJsMommy! I am glad that you found OMS! It really can be a means of strength and encouragement. God bless you as you start this journey of learning about options and treatments etc... I have not started any meds, just following the diet and trying to reduce stress, get my rest and stay active. This website/community has been a source of support and learning for me, and I often come here looking for recipes...I am actually Campbell County Ky, just a few miles south of Cinci. I have been pretty fortunate in that I haven't had too many life-invasive issues as of yet, just some telltale symptoms that have come and gone and now have not gone completely away...lots of numbness/tingling, some vision issues, etc...How did you come to the point of diagnosis? I know a few folks from my church who also have MS and are dealing with it in various ways...I am the only person in this area who I know is working the OMS program, though...I have been wanting to get folks together for encouragement. If you either know of a group or would want to get together for support, I would be happy to participate. MS can make a person feel isolated so if you would like to meet, I am happy to get together! Feel free to pm me, as well if you wish. Blessings! -NicoleWC
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