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Post details about OMS-compliant diet and food products in this thread, please.

This is for U.S.A. residents on OMS who are also maintaining a gluten-free and organic diet, and who miss miss bread as much as I do. The products below are available at Whole Foods (well, at least at mine in Southeast Florida, don't know about others). All are low or zero saturated fat, and have zero or negligible unpronounceable ingredients. All are found in the frozen food case:

DeLand millet bread. They make several other types, too - millet/flax, for example. I toast this, then throw on some flaxseed oil and herbs de provence, cut into squares and voila, croutons. Great in soup.

DeLand millet bagels. Divine when toasted.

Food of Life English muffins. Very dense.

Edward & Sons organic brown rice snaps, unsalted plain. Crispy and although bland, when paired with fat-free salsa they are delightful.

Amy's organic sandwich rounds. Fluffy and tasty.

Look forward to additional postings from others!
Searching for a substitute for ricotta cheese, I found Kite Hill almond cheese at Whole Foods. The texture is to die for. Zero saturated fat. Kite Hill has a website. They make numerous products.
Kite Hill cream cheese is compliant and divine with the Delamd millet bagels. I'm totally obsessed with it. Cashier told me it makes a great cream cheese frosting.
Another vote for Kite Hill! Their yogurt is good, too.

I tried the aged cashew cheese from Treeline. Smoky and kind of cheesy, but also a bit dry. Nice for putting on crackers.

I found Three Trees almond milk in the refrigerator section of our local health food chain (MOM's Organic Market). It's the first almond milk I've found with only two ingredients (water and almonds).
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