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Greetings, I am new to the OMS protocol, approach to wellness for persons w/ MS. I just switched from the T Wahls MD MS Diet Paleo 3 Protocol (for those almost 10 mos had virtually no positive effects on my progressive MS). Am in my late 50's, had to end full time work a few years ago and now do lots of volunteer work. Thank you to the NZ person who reached out the other day to have an email or SKYPE dialogue with someone! Wish I felt like the appropriate person to do so, but think I'm at a far different level of MS as it effects my life. I use Lofstrand crutches to navigate my way through the world, as my left leg barely functions. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to connecting with this fine community.
Hi Maureen,

I also have PPMS. I am 58. I am blessed to still be able to get around without any aids, but I am wobbly and am only able to stand/walk for about 10 minutes at a time. I recently took a course in mindfulness and am trying to incorporate that into my days. Also, need to be better about exercising. I think these areas are key, besides the diet.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

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