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I thought I'd check who else is in the north-west, as I know we have a few Cheshire OMSers and it might be fun to arrange meeting up some time :)

I'm in Stockport, so very close to Manchester and not at all far from anywhere in the north-west or from west Yorkshire.
I'm near Knutsford - handy for Manchester, Liverpool or wherever. I'd love to meet up.
I am in Lymm, next to Knutsford

Hmm it's starting to sound like a day out in Tatton Park or Dunham Massey could be a good plan?
As long as you aren't going to make us do ten laps of the park!
I was thinking more; look at the deer, maybe throw bread to ducks, have a cup of tea ;)
Deer stalking it is then - weather permitting! Looks like we may be a very select group......
of course if anyone *is* up for a walk or a run we could do 1 lap of the park before meeting the others...
Catriona! I knew it was all a cunning ruse. I suspect you find yourself strangely drawn to Nike products and open spaces!? I shall commence training forthwith, so that I don't embarrass myself (or anyone else) too much.
I do own Nike running shoes :oops:
No need for training though - I'm sooo slow :?
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