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Wow, I wish I'd spotted this when we were in the planning stage, guys: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/get-inv ... e-weekend/

Sadly, Dunham Massey isn't in the list of National Trust sites that are free to visit this weekend :roll: (Tatton Park, just down the road, is - but it's way too late to change venue now!)
Wendy pointed out that I misread this (in my haste to get out for a friend's 40th) - Dunham Massey is free this weekend! Happy coincidence :D
Just in case you haven't read Catriona's attachment, you have to print off a voucher in order to get in free - it isn't just a case of turning up. You may also have to pay for parking, I'm not sure.

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

Cinders xx
Hi All

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it tomorrow due to work :( I hope you all have a great day, would love to hear all about it if anyone would like to share for those who can't make it :)

See you all tomorrow! Sorry you can't make it Laura.

Take Care

Phil XXX
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Have just seen the thing about the free weekend, but can't print out a voucher as our printer is broken. The voucher seems to apply to 2-4 people going in together though so hopefully will be ok. If anyone has a spare let me know! XXXXXXXXXXXX

See you tomorrow!


For your own protection please don't post contact details in the forum, it is very public, better to use Private Messages. I left the phone number there until you got in to Dunham Massey - hope y'all had a good time. Wendy:Moderator
I'll print out a few to bring with me
I was supposed to travel up to Chester (from Gloucestershire) last night and then on to Dunham Massey this afternoon but I couldn't travel afterall and now I have run out of time to get there. Sorry to drop out - I hope that you all have a great day.
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Looking forward to hearing how today went!
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Hooray, I'm the first to post about it!
So we met up! There was me (40 minutes late - got lost), CBeebies, Catriona, Phil (lizzienphil), and Sarah D. A small but exceedingly select group. We had such a lot to talk about that we ran out of time, I think we could have stayed for the rest of the day and into the night. It all went very quickly. I can't find the right words to describe how good it was to meet everyone and to talk to people who really get what the whole MS/OMS thing is about. What struck me the most was how happy everyone was. There was far too much laughing going on.
I hope it's not just me, but I can't wait to meet up again. It's done me the world of good.
Thanks everyone,
Cinders xx
PS Phil's Mum and Dad joined us too. I am going to put myself up for adoption in the hope that they will take me on!
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