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Hi, I'm in Manchester too, would be nice to meet other ppl with ms Simone.I am new diagnosed and just coming through a relapse. Who knew! Woke up and felt NOT RIGHT and there we go!
I'm in Leeds. Catriona is in Stockport and there are a few in Manchester I think. Catriona goes to an evening MS meet up in a pub somewhere in Manchester, ask her about that. We have another meet up planned in Sheffield, 8th June and decided that as we were relatively far flung that we would move around the north west and east for meet ups. It was great to meet others on the OMS plan as it made it seem more doable, real and a good affirmative thing! Hope you're managing ok with it all now, It's a good thing to start early, wish I'd known about it earlier and started straight after diagnosis, but it was a year and a worse relapse later!
When and where is your next meet? I live in Preston Lancashire so would like to join you if pos.
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Would love to meet up with you all too :) push up and food :) sound like my kind of day out. Cheers del xx
We are going to meet at CBeebies house later in September - date to be confirmed. Watch this space. Phil's press ups are worth the journey - and I've been practicing!
Cinders, I've got a new one from my gym class for you guys to try - hold a dumbbell in each hand (whatever weight you like, maybe 3 kg, maybe 5 or 6), go into a press-up position (so leaning on the dumbbells), then raise an elbow, lifting that dumbbell off the floor and raising the elbow higher than your back, then back to starting position, do the same for the other side, then repeat, alternating sides. This works core muscles and triceps, and helps us fight the dreaded "bingo wings" ;-) V challenging for balance the first couple of times!
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