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I'll be there!
Me too!

Catriona - I was on the pick-up-at-train-station list last time but I think my family
will make a day out of it and drop me/pick me up.
They will probably explore Dunham-Massey themselves!

I'm sorry I won't be able to join you on 21/4.
I hope you have a great get-together
and I look forward to joining you at the next meet.
Would someone let me know,via the PM, how it went.
Regards Clare
Sorry you can't make it Clare - we'll definitely let you know how it goes and hopefully we'll have some photos to share too
Hi Guys!

How much would it cost for entry and parking, does anybody know?

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In an e-mail exchange with Gary of OMS UK he asked if I'd be willing to take some photos
of our meeting for a newsletter? Blog? Something.
I said I'd check with all of you.
He also said maybe we could write something up, I guess to encourage people to meet up
and to show that there's activity here in the UK.
How do you all feel about that? Any aspiring journalists?
Sounds like a good idea. I've already had a quiet meet up with Inez, she came in to Leeds. We both agreed it was great to talk face to face about our MS and OMS in our lives to someone else on the same wavelength/channel. Not particularly an inspiring journalist but would contribute if needed! Looking forward to meeting you. I'll bring my camera anyway.

I think we could send them a number of photos to choose from.
And perhaps we can combine writings into a single piece to send them.
Looking forward...
Sounds great - hopefully we'll get some nice photos of us and of the grounds / plants / deer at Dunham Massey.
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