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I was wondering if there are any North Eastern OMS'ers? I live in North Yorkshire.
Is Leeds, West Yorkshire close enough?
Hello cbeebies, Leeds would be no problem.
Just back to the PC after the Christmas break. No one has responded to my Leeds post :cry: but at least you think Leeds isn't too far! Are you on Facebook? If you like the MS Leeds page I can find you there.
I'm in Sheffield!
Not Leeds but not too far, either.
I would travel to Leeds or some point in between.

I'm going to try meeting with the North West lot in Knutsford on the 19th. I'm getting train from Leeds as no longer driving. Are you going to that? We could sort out a Yorkshire meet after that!
Hello CBeebies and Sarah, sorry I haven't been checking the posts on this section. Afraid I am a bit of a computer illiterate and haven't been able to private message either of you. It would be good to have a meet up after your meet in Manchester. I am happy to travel to Leeds by train. CBeebies I have an e-mail address for your private LDN prescription. Can you private message me and maybe I will be able to respond back. Best Wishes. Inez
I think you can only private message people if they are in your friends list.
That is not correct, you can private message anyone who has signed up for the website who did not uncheck the Private Message box on signup. There is a very useful How To here with lots of quick ways to PM.
Hi CBeebies, I have tried to pm you but again it hasn't been successful. I haven't much time now but when I do I will look at the link provided by Wendy and try to pm you again as I have the details you want re a private prescription for LDN.
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