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Anyone who lives near Exeter?
:D x
I live in Wells, Somerset, so not that near but still south-west England....
Yep I live in Exeter!

Do you go to the Clyst Vale therapy Centre?

I live in Plymouth.
I'm in Exeter too! Blimey, here I was thinking I'm the only OMSer in Exeter.
Hi Chauncy!

Do you have hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

How long have you been OMS'ing?!

No,definitely not the only OMSer in the village!
Hi there

No, that's (HBOT) one of the few treatments I haven't tried. Would you recmnd it? The reason I didn't when diagnosed was bec you had to do a lot of sessions in a short time when you start. As I worked full-time then, it was difficult to see how I would be able to complete this induction. Also my ear drum burst about 20yrs ago, but thankfully healed. But I didn't want to aggravate it.

I use the therapy centre to see the physio fairly often and to see a chiropractor every 2 months or so.

I first saw the OMS site in the summer after I was diagnosed so 2010 and read the book shortly afterwards. I know I sort of drifted into the program vit d3, flaxseed etc, but had definitely given up dairy by xmas 2010 (I didn't eat meat anyway). In Nov 2011 I got into meditation and started eating fish a lot more plus about 5000 fish oil capsules. I got a really positive MRI scan in summer 2012, showing no new lesions and no worsening of existing lesions compared with winter 2009. So I was really pleased with that!

Hi everyone!

Really sorry I didn't rely sooner as my messages went to spam box!

pleased that there are some OMSers nearby, I live in Honiton - maybe one day you all could meet up? I am Deaf and uses sign language so might be difficult unless you can sign! can meet one to one using pen and paper.

had MRI scan in summer and showed no changes since summer 09 - so pleasing. Also my other health problem and in general I have improved - I was even discharged from one department! so one of the best thing I have one is changing my diet!

Happy new year!
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