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You two are a shot of energy and good vibes!

Yes, we get a lot of sunshine in Texas but so far I've not tolerated heat that well (though it is oddly cold and sunny right now. I live in a tropical zone and on the ocean so rarely cold. But I love the cold!!!)

You all inspired me to try the Texas forum. I will later today. :-)

Since I've already been gluten free for the last four years, I'm eliminating the cross reaction foods with gluten Dr K shows... Namely corn, rice and all legumes. Oh, and coffee!! Ouch! But. I feel better. A ton better. Noticeably different and better.
And it's only been four days. I'm trying to repair my gut and it may be months before I try reintroducing a food at a time to see how I respond.

You all keep it up! Only you know your bodies and how you feel. I am proud of your courage and tenacity. Many people don't have the courage to eliminate wheat and gluten just to test it out, as we are so dependent on it in our day to day diet.

Glad it helps you! Nothing tastes Better than walking (or running) feels!!! :LOL:
Thanks Isa! Good luck on the forum.

'Nothing tastes better than running feels'!!

I love that motto!

An amazing turnout tonight of 36 here in Exeter! Thanks for your time and expertise Gary Mc Mahon!
:D Wanted to say a big thank you to Steve and Penny for organising last night, it felt so positive and looks like most people found it interesting. Listening to Gary's presentation made me think twice about how I am following the programme, needs polishing up!
Thanks again
Rachel x
Thanks for your kind words, Rachel. I'm so glad last night went so well. It was amazing to see so many people there and hopefully a few will have been inspired to join us on our journey. As you said, it helped strengthen my resolve.

Thanks Steve for being a continuing support and a good pal! :)

Thanks Gary for an inspiring presentation and for taking the time to travel to Exeter.

Thanks to the South West MS Centre for hosting the event. The first of many, hopefully.

By the way, Rachel, the cookies are absolutely deliciious! Much nicer than mine. I'll definitely try them myself.

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Thursday, 13th Feb at 6pm. Meeting open to all - you just need to register by emailing caroline@southwestmscentre.co.uk

Hoping to see a few of you tonight at 6pm at the SWMS Therapy centre, Exeter. :D
I'll be there about 6.20 Penny.
A great meeting yesterday with some new faces! A recipe from Sue for a salad dressing-

Blend together-

Fresh Coriander
Pumpkin seeds

Voila! Delicious! Thanks Sue, see you all next month!
Hello, I live in Plymouth. MS diagnosed in 2010. Have read the book and tried to follow diet but keep going back to chocolate and cheese. Would like to know where the support group meets and how often. Thank you
Hi Olit!

Penny Billington (Penbilly) lives in Plymouth. We meet at 2.15 on the second Thursday of each month at the South West MS Therapy Centre, Exeter.

See you there!

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