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Hi folks!

Mike Traynor, the physio at the therapy centre, used to facilitate 'positive thinking for MS' sessions but we havn't had one in a while. We got a few interesting speakers along, some quite inspiring! Maybe we can get that going again with an OMS spin! I spoke to George on the phone when his book first came out, he's a lovely guy!

HBOT seems effective, I have just passed my ten year diagnosis anniversary and am still fully active. I do have stiff legs, numb feet and a painful tingly abdomen sometimes but nothing has really progressed and some symptoms have gone! I followed the Swank diet soon after diagnosis and went vegan three and a half years ago.

The 15 sessions of HBOT pass quickly with books and some music!

I just feel you need to have all the odds stacked in your favour and I also take Copaxone.

Hope we can meet up soon!

@redcow @steven A meet up would be great, as would turning the therapy centre into OMS mission control! PM me.

My symptoms are poor balance/drop foot/spasticity/tingling in right hand & fatigue. As well as OMS, I'm on copaxone and have tried pilates, acapuncture, FES device, had a CCSVI scan in Dublin but not totally convinced about the procedure, and will prob give HBOT this yr. I went many yrs without a diagnosis, and between 1998-2007 only had the tingling hand symptom, so I think it will take a while longer until OMS really kicks in, but my positive MRI was a real boost, and stopped my neuro with all his tysabri talk.
OMS Mission Control! I love it! I'll talk to Mike the physio, he'll be up for it! I even told Gary the UK OMS man that George is welcome to visit!

I've sent you my e mail address via PM. Impressed you've spoken to Prof Jelinek, I thought I was doing well having the Prof as one of my followers on twitter!

I wrote to Gary at OMS UK a few weeks ago. Maybe the George Exeter visit is a possibility? ...

I'm moving to Devon, probably Plymouth, in the summer. Would love to get involved with an OMS group. Just come back from a few days on a meditation retreat. It was fantastic. Going to try to build this into my daily regime, along with new diet. Good time of year for starting that sort of thing!
Good luck with the diet Penbilly! Meditation is my next goal and Mike Traynor (physio, acupuncturist, guru and nice guy!) at the Exeter MS Centre is happy to help OMS people gain some mastery of this challenging practice. I am meeting him tomorrow to discuss an Exeter OMS group.
Hi Steven,
Many thanks for getting back to me. A lovely voice in the wilderness! Really embracing the diet. Who knew there were so many soya products? The only thing I miss at the moment is cheese. There doesn't seem to be any way to replace it meaningfully. It's a small price to pay though. How are you doing with it? Anything particular you miss?

Thanks for the contact details. Maybe I'll get in touch with him. Good luck with an Exeter group. I'm hoping to move down this summer and could would love to join in.

Best wishes to you and any other South-west OMSers (SWOMSERS!)

First OMS themed meditation session and chat 31.1 at 2.15, South West MS Centre, facilitated by Mike Traynor. Should be fun!
Hi Penbilly! I gave up cheese ten years ago after diagnosis so 7 years before going vegan. Cows milk Cheese is so high in saturated fat. I had read Swanks Diet book. I loved cheese but it's 'diet or wheelchair'. There are soya cheeses. After a while as a vegan you will be less keen to seek out 'alternatives' as you discover the variety of fab things vegans eat!
Hi all,
Great news that there is a group meeting set up in Exeter. I'm going to have to wait til I'm closer to participate in person. I hope there is a good turn out and all goes well. Wish I could be there. Hopefully, later in the year :D

Thanks for the advice on cheese, Steve. I'm sure I'll forget about it in time. The maxim 'wheelchair or diet' is certainly a good motivator for me too!

Just for the record, I had an episode 20 years ago that went undiagnosed. Left-side stopped working. Nothing until this year. Lots of tingling in arms and legs and woolly head. They've now decided it's all MS. The 20+ lesions are probably a give-away too!

I'm fully embracing George's regime and hope I can keep everything under control. Certainly no downside, as far as I can see so far.

Best wishes to you all and hope to meet you one day.

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