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Dear SW OMSers,

I've managed to justify a trip west next week, so will be attending Mike's session in Exeter. Hope to meet some of you and compare notes, snow allowing of course!
Thats fab Penny! Its not going to be a massive group, just a handful of people. We did "Positive thinking for Health Recovery" before with lots of speakers with different skills and specialities. We found if you invited or persuaded people to join who were not already aligned to a recovery protocol and mindset it ended up being 55 minutes of persuading newbies that improving health through natural means was possible and 5 minutes actually discussing success tips.Thats not meant to sound elitist but people will find the group if they are the kind of people who will benefit! I hope that makes sense!
PS Penny, try some Vegusto swiss made vegan cheese! Its amazingly tasty, not cheap but I'm sure you will like it!

I totally get it Steve and a small group of like-minded individuals sounds the most productive. Maybe you and whoever would have a little time for a coffee and an informal chat afterwards too? I think there will be too much to cover in just 45 mins.
Steve, thanks for the cheese tip. I'll definitely follow up. It couldn't possibly be more expensive than the icrecream I bought recently - £7.50 a tub! That was delicious too :lol:
Great to see old and new faces on Thursday! It's fantastic to link with like minded people who are following the OMS protocols! I hope to see you all again soon.
I agree Steve.

So glad I made the effort to attend and meet such a lovely bunch of people. I picked up some good tips and it spurred me on to stick to the OMS programme. I've even ordered some Vegusto cheese!

Great that it's going to be a regular thing. Hopefully others will be inspired to join. Look forward to seeing you all in the near future.
such a shame that I missed it, fingercrosses I can make it next time. x
Hi Penny,
Lovely to meet you on Thursday. Hope the rest of the day went well and according to plan.
I read your post about ice cream and wanted to tell you about Swedish Glace. Dairy free and actually much nicer than cow ice cream (my non-veggie friends tell me so)! I've seen it in health food shops but also Sainsburys and Waitrose. It's not stupidly expensive either.
Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
It was great meeting up. I'm annoyed I'll be missing the next two.

I can also recmnd Swedish glace dairy free ice cream, it tastes heavenly, but only very recently noticed it has vegetable oil in it, so depends on how much of a fundamentalist OMSer you are I suppose.
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