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That's shame ab this thurs - so next meeting be on 9th October? :)
A great meeting today prepping for the "Urban Retreat" on Sunday! We've had a couple of dropouts so there are two spaces left. Contact asap please if you would like a space reserved.
Thanks everyone who attended today! Pics and more info to follow! One thing to add, Rob Barker at Seasons Healthfoods in Well Street Exeter is offering course participants 10% off all purchases until the end of October! Check out the fab range of products on offer!
What a great day at the SWMS Therapy Centre in Exeter. A one-day mini-retreat with talks about the OMS programme and an opportunity to try pilates, yoga, qi gong and meditation too.

A lovely bunch of people attending. Hopefully, we have passed on the OMS message to a few more people in Devon. Thanks to OMS UK, especially Gary McMahon, for supporting us in running this event. Thanks also to Paul for hosting us at the lovely Centre.
Just a reminder to all regulars, Urban Retreat attendees and anyone else who is interested, including partners and supporters................

Thursday is OMS get-together at the South West MS Therapy centre in Exeter, 2.15pm. See you there hopefully!
Hi all,
Are we meeting this Thursday at 2.15pm as usual? Everyone's been a bit quiet lately :(
It has been quiet! For me that's just down to being busy right now. Sadly I cannot make it on Thursday. I hope you are all well?!
Hi All,
I guess everyone is busy tomorrow so I won't be making the journey over from Plymouth. Hope to see you all next month.
Won't be there either - hopefully c u nxt month x
Looks like everyone is too busy with Christmas plans to meet up in Exeter tomorrow. Hope we can get together in the New Year.
Merry Christmas to all,
Best wishes - Penny
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