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Hi all!

A great meeting last thursday and nice to have a new member, Jackie from South Devon. Thanks for coming!

Next meeting 12th Feb at 2.15 and Andrew K. Fletcher will be along at 2.30 to discuss (and show us some experiments!) about Inclined Bed Therapy for MS!

See you there

Don't forget.......next meeting this Thursday at 2.15! It will be great to see you all and see how you are getting on with the OMS lifestyle.
Great to see Judith, Nick, Jackie and Jem this afternoon!

As ever lovely to compare notes and share experiences!

See you all next month I hope!

Hope everyone had a good Easter. I was given a couple of dairy-free eggs, which was nice. Are we meeting this Thursday?
I'll be there from 2pm. See you Thursday!
Next meeting tomorrow 2pm, who's coming!??
Regular second second Thursday of the month meeting today at 2pm, see you there!

Sorry Steve, I can't make it this month. Hope you have a good meeting.
A great meeting today welcoming a new OMS'er, Vicky, to the group with her fascinating story to tell! Regulars Jackie, Nick, Jem, Dave and myself enjoyed the lively and informative hour of sharing experiences!
Glad you all had a good meeting. Sorry I wasn't there. Hope everyone is doing well and sticking with the programme x
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