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Sorry for the late notice. I'll be at Clyst Grange today at 2pm if anyone wants to chat.
I have chosen to cease assisting the running of the Exeter OMS meetings. It's been fun and I've met some amazing people! Please still post here though if you want to carry things on in a formal/informal way or maybe somewhere else in the South West.
All the best to you amazing OMS people!

Steve :-)
Is there anyone in North Devon who would fancy meeting up? It was great to meet Steve in Exeter, but it's a long way from Up North.
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I am very soon moving to Dorset, Weymouth Dorchester area.....maybe a tad far to travel but I shall be nearer to the area than I am now.....

I too shall be looking for my nearest MS related Centres....I have found 2 or 3, but I think one may have closed, another too far to travel and the other, a day centre, re, monthly meet-ups rather than an everyday therapy centre.......I have google mapped the Clyst Grange, again I think too far to travel, although maybe not an impossibility on an odd occasion..

Jackie.....diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with BrainStem disease.....11th April 2015..... at the ripe old age of 64........
Hey there, I'm hoping to move to North Devon this year. Is anyone up there? I see Diggity has asked this question too...are you still up there? I'm wanting to get to know folks in the area and also wondering if Barnstaple still has some MS hospital facilities (I use to live in the area at the start of the century).
I'm loving the OMS programme. I switched from Wahls after 20 months of that helping until three relapses in a year. At the start of October I switched to OMS and so in two days time I celebrate six months without using my wheelchair...the longest time in eight years! Changing to OMS has been so awesome. I still have more to improve on, esp cognitive functions, however am feeling good and looking to connect with others in the area.
Thank you :D
I live near Barnstaple.

There's no active OMS groups here, but a few people might be interested, so it could start. North Devon District Hospital (in Barnstaple) has a couple of visiting neurologists (Dr Harrower is very good and supports OMS approach), an MS nurse (who's not sure about OMS) and a neurological physio who's excellent (supports OMS and even told me to make sure I did mindfullness, which wasn't what I expected from a physio). The waiting times to see anyone are endless though, but once you've had initial appointments, you can call the nurse or physio when you need advice.

I'll PM you with my details if you have any questions
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Oh you star Diggity. Thanks so so much for your post.
That's fab to know more about the hospital stuff...really valuable and appreciated.
And so exciting to know that maybe we can get a group of North Devon OMS folk together! How cool will that be?! I look forward to your message
I am heading to the West Grange Clyst Heath MS Centre tomorrow for the first time...providing all goes to plan....a 60 mile one way car journey.....
Jackie.....diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with BrainStem disease.....11th April 2015..... at the ripe old age of 64........
Hi all

Penny Tarrant (Billington) has asked me to put a note on here about a group who meet in Plymouth-
Penny has teamed up with a retired GP with MS, Dr Colin Bannon and they have just started to run some workshops in Plymouth for pwMS who are interested in finding out more about the OMS program.  This will include OMS Conversations, which will be informal meetings to discuss the ins and outs of sticking to the new lifestyle.
The next workshop will be OMS Conversations on 20th June and then an Intro on 18th July.
Penny can be contacted on 07967 141863 or at penbilly@gmail.com

All the best

Thanks Steve. Now logged back into the forum. Hello to everyone. I dropped off somehow. Still doing well in Plymouth and spreading the word.
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