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Another vote here for Swedish Glacé non dairy ice cream. I only have a small amount on 'high days and holidays' (owing to the saturated fat) but the little ones love it and come running when the freezer door is opened, anytime of day!
Hi OMSers,
I'll look out for the Swedish glace, thanks - not that I'm obsessed with food or anything! Have you tried Booja Booja? - delicious but you need a mortgage.

Today's exciting news is that the Vegusto arrived and......OMG, it really does,somehow, taste like cheese. You've changed my life Steve :D

Something good - I was talking to my neighbour today, who is seriously compromised by rheumatoid arthritis (having chemo!) and have persuaded her to sign up for a local meditation course. Spreading the word x
Fab 'innit?! We have a saying in our house, 'I hope that's just poo on the carpet not Booja Booja chocolate!' Another treat for special occasions! So pleased and flattered by your comment! Life is a journey, a rocky one at times and we all find many teachers and signposts along the way. ;-)
Off in twenty mins to my meditation class here in Exeter, really looking forward to getting deep and Zen like!
Hope the meditation went well!

A nice introduction to meditation is available at getsomeheadspace.com - some lovely animations illustrating meditation and a 10-day 10-minute course to get you on the road to regular meditation (or haul you back on it when you've strayed from it altogether).
Thanks for the tip Louise. Always good to have some variety with some different approaches and voices to follow. I'll check it out.
It was awesome thanks! We did a very powerful healing chakra meditation, I am looking forward to Tuesday evenings for the forseeable future!
Evening all,

Further to our conversation on chelation, I decided to dig around a bit and found this link:


It's definitely put me off. Wondered what your thoughts were? Also, this website has some interesting stuff about hair analysis and nutritional balancing. I'm quite intrigued and still concerned about mercury toxicity. I've been finding more evidence about my theory that a vaccination triggered my symptoms and I've seen on this site that mercury can cause tingling in hands and feet. For once, I can't wait for my dental appointment!
Hi Devonians,
Hope you enjoy your meeting tomorrow, as well as your oxygen fix. Sorry I can't join you this time but hopefully the next
Hi Penbilly!
Hope all is well with you.
We will miss you today and will send "latest news" from Devon later!
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