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Hi Louise,
Thanks. I'll look forward to your news.

Noticed George's posting about his research launch in July. May be worth mentioning to Mike. It's aimed at MS nurses and professionals and only £20 to attend. He may be up for a trip to Lincoln to meet the man himself!

Say hi to all

A great meditation today thanks to Louise! I really felt chilled and at ease during and after the session. Great to catch up on OMS things and just have a yap as well! Lets hope we can get Mike to that meeting on 4th July! :-)
I enjoyed the meditation too but I did wander off topic later with tips on worming cats. Sorry. Must try to stay focussed!

It was good to catch up with everyone's news and ideas.

Looks like we're starting a "get Mike to that meeting" campaign. Who's driving?

Glad it went well on Thurs.

Is there a meeting on 14th March?

Mike would be a great way of getting the OMS program to loads of pwms.


Steve E
Yep 14th Steve, 2.15. How are you? :-)
Pretty good, just back from cornwall, back to house-hunting. How are the meditation classes going?
Hi Steve
Really enjoying the Tuesday night meditation sessions, so much easier in a class rather than trying to meditate at home. Just about to try out a CD lent to me by Louise, really looking forward to it!
Hope you enjoyed the CD meditations. I've got lots more. And books, I like them too :)
Funny, I'm usually a loner when it comes to meditating, prefer to be in my own space, but it is sometimes good to be with other meditators and then discuss anything that arises.
Hi all

That coffee grinder I was talking about which I use for flaxseeds for very fresh Omega Three's was an Andrew James model from Amazon. £12.95, bargain!

I hope everyone is well.

Hi Steve et al,
Life has been busy for me. Glad it looks like the group is meeting regularly. Hope to join you all first week of April, if that suits.

Had a sudden craving for an omelette this morning so attempted my first egg-white version. Is it me? It seemed pretty tasteless compared to the whole-egg version. Is life too short to bother with egg-white omelettes?

Best wishes to all you Devonians
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