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Hi Steve, maybe this is a business opportunity, the perfect omser ice cream substitute. I'm onto it!

Vitd levels were low side of normal, didn't get exact number. I'm taking 10,000 daily with doctor's blessing and retesting in June.
Hello All,

I've been enjoying reading this thread and seeing the evolution of your community.
I'd love to come join you for a meditation someday. I live in Sheffield.
Can you believe I've lived in the UK for 8 years and haven't yet been to the SW?

I made that silken tofu scramble on Sunday. Everyone, most importantly my kids, loved it.
I've learned to call things what they are: Tofu Scramble, not Vegan Eggs.
No one likes them with the wrong name. That's placebo for you.

Best wishes,
Hi Sarah

Move to Devon, we get more vitamin D usually!

On first going vegan 'substitutes' are important to most converts. After a while they are not necessary. I never suggest people avoid 'fake meats' or similar as its what eased my transition.

I'll never forget when it was first explained to me that 'milk is just a texture' 'cheese is just a texture' and a 'sausage' is a shape! I guess an egg is always some creatures egg though!

See you at a meeting in Exeter?!

Hi Sarah - you'll always find a warm welcome in Devon. And Steve's right, there is sometimes slightly more sun here than other parts of the country.

I'm summoning the energy to speak to my GP about VitD. I'm only taking 1000IU daily. Lightweight!

On the meditation subject - I went for a "sound bath meditation" last night and liked it very much. It took a while to get over the fact that it's odd. I had to adjust to the idea of laying on the floor with a bunch of strangers listening to a man playing gongs for an hour, but it led to a great meditation session and I am keen to do that again. Here's his website http://www.sound-gong-bath.co.uk/ but Steve and Mike know someone who does a similar thing and fits carpets too.
Glad you enjoyed the gong bath. It's something I'd really like to try. There is a guy with a gong in the main street in Totnes sometimes. It sounded wonderful from a distance.
Ah! I might've known there'd be a gong in Totnes High Street.
Hope you're ok and your groups are going well. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
All good thanks, Louise and looking forward to seeing you all soon.
Even I knew there would be a gong in Totnes High Street!!! Even from this distance Totnes is famous.
That's amazing! Totnes is truly legendary!?!
Bristol :-)
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