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My name is Bente, and I live in East Grinstead, West Sussex. but on the county borders of Kent and Surrey as well.

I was diagnosed in July 2011, but have had very few symptoms since the initial episode.

The old saying: 'You are what you eat', has always been something I have lived by, so the notion that you can control an illness through diet, is not news to me.

I had one meeting with a neurologist, who talked about treatment with steroids at a later date, and did not even mention diet as a possible way to manage the condition, so I decided that I would manage by myself.
Thus I have not had any meetings with 'support groups', as I suspect I will be the odd one out, wanting to discuss diet, rather than conventional treatment, making it a waste of my time.

However, if there are other like minded people in my area, or any meetings with representatives from OMS, I would like to meet up/attend.

Hi Bente

I live in South Croydon, and, like you, am keen to try and tackle this through healthy living rather than drugs. I have had MS since 2009, and was officially diagnosed in May 2011. I found this site 6 months ago, though I have not been 100% following the recovery plan as yet (I think it's important to conduct your own research rather than just running headlong into other people's recommendations!).

Like you, I am reluctant to hang out with other people just because we all have MS (!), but I have found the positive nature of this site very enlightening and inspiring. Maybe there are other people living in this area too?

Hello Bente and Rachel,

I live in Southampton, Hampshire. I was diagnosed in 2007 and have been following the OMS diet for some years, although I am not perfect I have to admit! I would love to meet up with other OMS-ers. It is quite isolated being in this situation, neurologists are appalling and whilst I have a fabulous GP, I do not have anyone to bounce diet ideas off etc. Close family and friends know about my situation but it is not something I publicise and I find even some of my close family members do not always seem to understand or want to understand about the importance of the lifestyle changes.

George Jelinek has been wonderful and I have been lucky enough to be in personal contact with him occasionally just to confirm something I am not sure about. I honestly do not dare think where I would be today if I had not discovered his book!

Hopefully as people in the UK become more aware of George Jelinek's work, we will all be able to link up with people in our own areas. In the meantime I would consider travelling a little way to meet up.

Best wishes, Caroline

I am very pleased to have seen your response Caroline, as I live in Fareham so really not far away! I was diagnosed in 2011, and have been following the plan since then, but unfortunately I am also on tysabri :( which I go to Southampton for - I am hoping to come off the drugs at some point, but just want to make sure I'm doing everything as best as I can before I do that as the statistics for coming off it are a bit scary...

I would be happy to travel to meet up if there was a south-east group, or if you are interested in meeting up in Southampton Caroline, send me a message!

Best wishes,

Hi Caroline and Charlotte (and Bente, if you're still around?)

I guess we're not really that close in terms of 'ease of meeting', but I like the idea of having a South East group. Is anyone going to the OMS day in Brighton in July?

Hope you're well!

Hi Rachel, Caroline, Charlotte, Bente
I am in Bursledon (5 mins from Jn 8 on M27) near Southampton and will be in Brighton for the Sunday event in July.
Diagnosed 2008 but had 'it' since 1983 in the days when diagnosis didn't happen, probably because no one spotted what was going on. Eye probs at Moorfields, UTIs, bowel ops etc. Too many things to list.
Just very thankful for having 25 years without knowing what was going on, despite falling over and breaking bones.
Been following OMS for a while and before that Swank.
Happy to meet up whenever looks good.
I'm not going to Brighton, but am going on the retreat :) Very excited!

Shall we wait a bit longer and see if anyone else is interested in meeting, then we can choose somewhere in the middle that we can all get to?


I live in Winchester, and would be happy to meet somewhere central to us all; it would be good to meet people with MS who are also following the diet as I have really noticed changes since starting it early this year. I'm going to the event in Brighton so hopefully we'll be able to meet then.

My diagnosis in 1989 was confirmed by MRI so I know that I've had 'it' as Alba Nuova says, but it's been 'mild' or 'benign' so I'm still walking and worked very fulltime for IBM until I was fifty. I was discouraged from diet changes by medical practitioners, although I did tinker with very low-fat including dairy, but fortunately I haven't needed MS drugs and I'm hopeful of making a real difference with OMS.

See you on Sunday, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Hi Sue, and everyone.

For those of us going on Sunday, could we try and meet up and say hello in person? I am not familiar with the AMEX Stadium at all, so I can't suggest a 'meeting point'. Any ideas?!

Hi Rachel and everyone!

I've just asked about a meeting point at the Amex via the web contact form on here, so I'll let you know what I find out...here's my question:

Hello, I will be attending the event on 7th July at the Amex and would like to meet others with whom I've been chatting on the forum. Please would you tell me if registration will provide us with name badges and if there will be somewhere suitable for a few of us to congregate e.g. if there will be welcome coffee/tea? I'm sure that other locations would be planning to meet as well :) Is there anywhere in the Amex suite that we're using that would make sense for us use to use as a meeting point and which could be labelled as such? That would be really helpful! Thank you, Sue Collis

Cheers, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
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